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  • Nintendo Fun

    Fri Jan 22 2021
    This was an awesome set we were able to buy for my kids. The only downfall from this set is that the 3 month online membership isn't really being used by my kids. They didn't find that it helped them in many ways as stated. Other than that Nintendo Switch rocks. They are enjoying it and stated its fairly easy to use, fun, easy to set up, and carry around. Now BB and Nintendo please have a sale on the games since they are asking for more (LOL)
  • solid console

    Thu Jan 21 2021
    solid console. have been waiting for a good price on this console and got it from best buy along with the added game.
  • Switch

    Thu Jan 21 2021
    Great bundle to start with. Didn’t have to buy Mario separate saved me a lot of money.
  • Nintendo Switch Bundle

    Thu Jan 21 2021
    Excellent gaming platform! Easy to setup and use. The kids loved it! Great bundle at a great price!
  • Hours of fun

    Wed Jan 20 2021
    Christmas present for my college aged son. He and his roommates love it! Great value for getting the Mario Cart game for free.
  • Loved it

    Tue Jan 19 2021
    Best bang for your buck. The kids loved it. I can't get them off
  • It’s awesome

    Tue Jan 19 2021
    Love my switch. Grandkids have their own. So now I can play my own game while the play theirs.
  • Great bundle

    Tue Jan 19 2021
    Super fun gaming system. This bundle is a good one if/when you can find it available.
  • Great Bundle for the holidays

    Tue Jan 19 2021
    Son broke his old one. Great bundle price getting free game and online trail free with console purchase
  • Mom of 4

    Mon Jan 18 2021
    Excellent game system, kept the lil ones fully occupied during our road trip
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