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  • Smart Watch Dependent

    Sat Jan 16 2021
    Awesome. I have no complaints. Some complain about the battery life but, two day battery life as opposed to five day battery life is okay considering the capability of the device. If you work out regularly, this watch is for you. If not, try a less capable model. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for.
  • Best smartwatch I've ever owned!

    Sat Jan 16 2021
    Best smart watch I've ever owned. I replaced a Samsung Gear S3 Frontier with the Galaxy Watch 3 Titanium and it's been worth every penny spent. It's extremely durable overall, even though the band is stainless steel it's held up very well and has resisted stratches better than I thought it would. The buttons on the Galaxy Watch 3 are far better than the previous one found on the Gear S series of watches. Battery is better than expected as well and lasts at least 2+ days without having to charge. Would definitely recommend!
  • Perfect Xmas gift

    Fri Jan 15 2021
    Purchased the smart watch for my son for Xmas. This was WIN!! He loves it! Loves how easy it was to navigate through. Loves how it functions with his day to day living. He works out a lot and eats really healthy. This was the perfect gift.
  • Husband happy

    Fri Jan 15 2021
    My husband love the watch he said it’s the best thing I give to him
  • Galaxy

    Fri Jan 15 2021
    Seems to work really well, still figuring features out.
  • Quality you can depend on

    Fri Jan 15 2021
    Extremely lightweight but durable. Very customizable for individual users. Works well as standalone or paired with phone. Definitely the best smartwatch available. Battery life is excellent around 2-3 days between charges. On the upper end price wise but worth the cost in my opinion.
  • Premium Watch

    Sun Jan 10 2021
    I love my Galaxy Watch 3. I primarily bought this particular one for the build material, titanium. It's a dark titanium and you can feel how light the casing is. I love it!
  • Smartwatch

    Sat Jan 09 2021
    Product was good value and worked as it should and as described
  • Late

    Sat Jan 09 2021
    I paid extra to get my item on time and they send it late and still charged me for the fee to send it early

    Sat Jan 09 2021
    Love my watch keeps track of my walking, running, working out, and alarm wakes me up in the morning thats a plus. Only down fall I see is the volume for calls and music.
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