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AHORRA $1,650
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  • Comes in handy

    Tue Jan 19 2021
    Great product... I can do everything with this watch that I can with the phone. Great for a quick run to the store. I love this product It's been a few glitches with the screen freezing. Other than that it is a good product
  • High tech

    Tue Jan 19 2021
    Purchased for my wife as an upgrade to presides version. Works well with iPhone and other apple devices. Also has plenty of bells and whistles to discover.
  • A+

    Tue Jan 19 2021
    Excelent product, it works perfect and I would recommend it! And have a great price
  • Best present ever

    Mon Jan 18 2021
    Got this for my wife and she loved it. Now we both can track our progress with our watches.
  • Mrs

    Mon Jan 18 2021
    I love my Apple watch and use it from morning until night. I hate to take it off to charge it. It was my Christmas present from my husband. He really knew how to make me happy. I can’t think of a better Christmas present.
  • Good Watch

    Mon Jan 18 2021
    I really the big display and the new features, I had a Apple Watch 3 before good Watch but this is beyond....
  • Apple Watch Series 6

    Mon Jan 18 2021
    Very happy with my watch. Had great service. Being able to monitor my H/R and activities is really great. Would buy again and very satisfied.
  • Perfect

    Mon Jan 18 2021
    Great quality product as Apple always seems to make things no less than perfect
  • Mrs.

    Mon Jan 18 2021
    I love my Apple Watch! I’m still learning all other options on it, but particularly like being able to answer messages and phone calls without carrying my phone when I’m trying to get stuff done. I also like that it reminds me when I need to stand and get moving.
  • Apple Watch

    Mon Jan 18 2021
    Everything ran smoothly, from the beginning to the end.
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