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  • Excellent product

    Sat Feb 27 2021
    Can't even tell it was used. It arrived in great condition.
  • Mixed Feelings About This Tablet

    Sat Feb 27 2021
    I was looking for an upgrade from my old Lenovo tablet and, with some reservations, am so glad I chose the Galaxy Tab S7. It has a beautiful build quality. The metal and glass feel perfect in my hands and the sharp corners help to hold this tablet. The tablet is about the size of a book when held in either aspect. The LCD screen is gorgeous. The colors are vibrant, and the blacks are inky. Text is crisp and well defined and video playback is excellent. The quad speakers are good and plenty loud even at only 75% volume. The issue I have with this tablet (like with all Samsung products) is the amount of bloatware Samsung loads onto their devices that cannot be removed. only some of the apps can be disabled, but they still take up memory, some don't allow you to switch off notifications or permissions, and Samsung always wants to update them. This is annoying because you have to go through settings again to switch everything off again. I would recommend this tablet ONLY if you don't mind the hastle.
  • Jack

    Sat Feb 27 2021
    Everything it was supposed to be. Great, sharp graphics. Very fast response. Quick to charge. I was quite happily surprised at the time of purchase that a $50.00 Best Buy gift card was part of the purchase.
  • Very Nice Tablet!

    Sat Feb 27 2021
    Use mostly for playing games, very clear graphics. Camera takes very nice pics and video.
  • Great stuff.

    Sat Feb 27 2021
    This product is great and met all my expectations on all areas.
  • Repeat Tab S Series Buyer

    Fri Feb 26 2021
    Formerly had a first generation Samsung Tab S which Finally died this year. That tablet had been so fast and reliable that there was no question I would replace it with a Tab S7. So far the Tab S7 has been everything I've come to expect, fast, feature-packed, and long battery life. This time around, I also paired the tablet with my phone and use some of the text and call-forwarding features. These have increased the tablet's utility even more. Finally, would be remiss to write a review without mentioning one of the main reasons I continue to buy Android devices, expandable memory! It lets me set up my device my way, which is a deal breaker for me!
  • Very pleased

    Fri Feb 26 2021
    Customer service was great in store and the tablet is exactly as expected
  • Samsung tablet S7

    Fri Feb 26 2021
    Its a great device, the quality is great, the pictures are great quality plus it has a flash to take pictures unlike the older tablets. Great for recording live videos
  • tab 7

    Fri Feb 26 2021
    great tablet i have owned many the best one yet thanks
  • Tablet

    Fri Feb 26 2021
    I am enjoying the learning process of my new tablet. Employees at Best Buy were extremely helpful.
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