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  • Dell - S3220DGF

    Mon Jan 18 2021
    Dell - S3220DGF 32 is an excellent screen. The ergonomics of this monitor is one of the best monitors that I had. It's a VA monitor with great contrast for watching movies and playing games. As with any VA panel, the viewing angles are not so great as with IPS monitors, but for me contrast is more important than viewing angles. The colors get washed off only if I look from the extreme sides of the screen. This is excellent for a VA panel. Buy it if you want large screen, excellent contrast, good ergonomics, and high frame rate monitor.
  • Great buy for the price

    Mon Jan 18 2021
    Monitor is great! Build quality is also amazing. Very satisfied and may pick up a second.
  • Monitor with thoughtful design features.

    Mon Jan 18 2021
    This is a high quality monitor that has the necessary, subtleties built into to it to make it functional for day to day use. As an example, this monitor easily adjusts up and down without tools. It's also set on a relatively short base at the bottom of the stand that makes it stable, but doesn't end up taking up half of your desk or working surface. These seem subtle, but check out the other competitors to this monitor and you'll see what I mean. Oh and by the way - the monitor quality is top shelf! Enjoy!
  • Great monitor

    Mon Jan 18 2021
    I got the monitor knowing it was 5ms response rate. Didn’t think it would actually affect gameplay but it does. Would have been awesome if it was 1ms.
  • Gaming Monitor

    Sun Jan 17 2021
    Bought 2 of these Monitors. Love the way it looks with my PC and Xbox
  • Gamer monitor

    Sun Jan 17 2021
    Awesome screen. Curved style fits the desk. Good response time. Good adjustibility for the picture. Works great
  • Good Optiopn

    Sun Jan 17 2021
    This monitor is great. Good colors (after calibration), Excellent brightness, no dead pixiels, and 1440p is the sweet spot. My only con is that the quality control is a bit off. I have two of these and they are both different heights and one of them has a bent plastic frame. It does not bother me though because it doesn't affect the picture. Also backlight bleed is pretty bad front certain angles So before putting it all together, look out for defects.
  • Perfect

    Sun Jan 17 2021
    Amazing, the quality of the product it’s great and easy to set up.
  • Best Monitor

    Sun Jan 17 2021
    Great Monitor for graphics and color. Playing is amazing on this monitor.
  • Wow

    Sat Jan 16 2021
    Verry pleased. Need a large monitor didn't want the aspect ratio of a 34 inch so this was perfect. Free sync and hdr is a bonus.
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