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  • Amazing picture, color and contrast

    Sat Mar 06 2021
    This TV is amazing compared to my middle of the line Vizio I just replaced. The OLED picture is amazing. OLED is absolutely as advertised. We turned off the TruMotion for most regular TV shows. Turned it to smooth for sports. No HBO Max app yet, so we still use our Roku Ultra. Handheld remote with TV is intuitive for

    Fri Mar 05 2021
    A great looking tv that does a wonderful job showing the perfect blacks of the image. Though for some it may be a bit to dim when compared to other tvs such as the samsung qleds. But overall a very nice tv
  • Disappointed! Opt Audio and HDMI ARC don’t work!

    Sun Feb 28 2021
    Awesome picture but, neither the Optical Audio or HDMI ARC work with soundbars or surround systems so you lose all of the sound features that come with the TV. Tried three different systems, new plugs etc., unsuccessfully. HDMI ARC will work to turn on the TV and sound bar but absolutely no sound. Also, if you leave the sound bar on HDMI Arc it shuts off the TV when it goes shuts down automatically- how annoying!! Seems to be a common theme when I looked up in the LG community with no fixes I can find.
  • A top quality entry level OLED

    Sat Feb 27 2021
    This is our first OLED TV and we couldn't be happier. Great picture quality, startup is quick and the WEB OS system is actually a very nice feature that was much better than I expected it to be.
  • NiceTV

    Sat Feb 27 2021
    Very nice TV! I really Like the Picture! OLED rocks!
  • Excellent OLED value

    Thu Feb 25 2021
    Very good bang for your buck. Excellent detailed picture reproduction and loaded with features. Intuitive Magic Remote makes navigation of menus quick and simple.
  • Perfect

    Tue Feb 23 2021
    Amazing picture. Will never buy anything but OLED TVs from here on out.
  • Hbo max not supported

    Tue Feb 23 2021
    This tv is beautiful very versitale operating system but does not support hbo max
  • TVholic

    Sat Feb 20 2021
    I should have gone with the CX for the extra speed on line.
  • Great TV replace plasma upgrade and worth it.

    Fri Feb 19 2021
    This BX model replaced a 9 year old Samsung Plasma. I wanted a new TV years ago but no picture I saw was better than my Plasma. Finally I investigated LG OLED and was ready try. Picture better and 4K is great only thing was I bought 55” and now wish I had a 65”. 5 Star rating I think OLED has NO EQUAL.
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