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  • Game

    Fri Jan 15 2021
    This game exceeds all expectations from any gamer. It is a definite must!
  • Love anime you love this game

    Sun Jan 03 2021
    i had fun playing characters from a anime that I like so much made it fun enjoyable. If you like the anime or rpg games you like this one
  • Game

    Sun Dec 27 2020
    Love the anime and so I decided to buy it. Good game.
  • SAO!

    Thu Dec 24 2020
    Game is pretty good. If you like sword art online and played any of the other PS4 games then you should like this one.
  • S.A.O

    Tue Dec 22 2020
    I'm a hugh fan of the show, so buying this game was perfect. It follows the story but also gives you something different. I'm very happy with my purchase.
  • reliving the story

    Fri Dec 18 2020
    i'm a big fan of SAO, it's nice to be able to play this while watching the new series at the same time
  • Best Anime Game

    Fri Dec 11 2020
    Totally awesome!!! I love sao. Best anime and videogame by far. Play it every chance I get!!
  • 10/10

    Fri Dec 04 2020
    By far, super fun game to play with amazing gameplay!
  • SAO: Alicization Lycoris

    Fri Nov 13 2020
    Never have played SAO game or watched the anime but this is a lot of fun! Solid story and game play. It is in Japanese, so if you don’t know the language there’s a lot of reading but it’s still really enjoyable!
  • SAO Fun Buy

    Thu Oct 29 2020
    Got the game for my husband. He is very happy, I've even played it a few times. :)
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