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  • Okay

    Thu Nov 26 2020
    The quality was okay. Couldn't hear our of one ear, so I returned them.
  • Pass

    Fri Nov 06 2020
    Ended returning these because they were so uncomfortable. Mic quality also did not seem to be that great. Would not recommend.
  • Jabra

    Fri Nov 06 2020
    These were okay when I could keep them from falling out of my ear. I wouldn't recommend to friends.
  • Good bluetooth

    Fri Oct 23 2020
    I can connect two devices at once. It has a good sound not excellent but good. I would recommend
  • Horrible

    Mon Oct 19 2020
    Horrible fit. Ear buds keep falling out of my ears. I am a fan of Jabra products but this is a horrible model. If I didn’t jump the gun and throw out the box I would return them.
  • Secure and comfortable

    Fri Oct 16 2020
    These have fantastic sound. Very comfortable but secure.
  • Quality blue tooth

    Sun Sep 27 2020
    The sound is quality for sure. Stays on my ears much better than buds as well...
  • Excellent for a limited set of uses

    Tue Sep 22 2020
    These are my second Jabra product – I've had and enjoyed my Elite 65t for about a year. I purchased these to use for outdoor exercise. That was a great choice: for a secure fit and safely letting in outside noise, these are great. As advertised, they are *great* at letting in outside noise. They do not have a feature to actively amplify outside sounds (like the Elite 65t/75t do with HearThrough) but they seriously let in *all* the sound. With no music playing, it's like you have no earbuds in. A+ for safety. Their fit is secure, but not the most comfortable. The earbuds sit away from your ears (similar to other workout earbuds, like the Plantronics BackBeat Fits, but unlike most regular earbuds) to better let in ambient noise. It's a weird and almost "unsecure" feeling, but make no mistake, these are not going to fall out. They wrap around the tops of your ears! Unfortunately, they're not super comfortable (though I've gotten used to them) – they have a little thing that sticks into the top of your ears, and much be positioned precisely in your ear to avoid ear pain. I got used to it, and they're fine after a week or two. Sound quality – meh. They're fine for workouts. They're relatively good with features, with basic access to your device assistant plus Alexa through the Jabra Sound+ app, an equalizer, and some basic customization. The real winner is multipoint pairing: you can pair them to multiple devices at once, and they'll play sound from the one you're using! I love it – I have it paired to three devices and keep Bluetooth on on the two I need at that time. Battery life is ~8 hours as advertised. Micro-USB is a bit of a downer, but oh well. So, buy these for workouts! They're also useful if you're working in a quiet home and need to hear if the doorbell rings. But, if you're around any noise you don't want to hear, these are *not* the earbuds for you. For me, these were as expected in all areas except comfort, but I got used to them and now like them.
  • Pretty good

    Wed Sep 16 2020
    Hold in place well while working out and decent sound quality
  • Good Headphones... need more sizing options.

    Sun Sep 06 2020
    Initially i love the design, fast phone paring, durable material, Bluetooth range and overall quality. However, the earpiece it's one size fits all. For those with small ear canal, this headphones may not be for you. The though rubber made material and inadequate earpiece fitment, will be uncomfortable after 30 minutes. Also, the noise cancelation was poor. Jabra needs to provide more size options and built the earpiece with softer material. At this price rang, I would expect more.
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