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PS4 - Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

PS4 - Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

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  • Good Game

    Tue Jan 07 2020
    If you like sniper games, this is definitely worth playing.
  • Great game

    Fri Dec 27 2019
    Great action and wonderful colors. Son must of played past midnight.
  • Not a Fan

    Wed Dec 25 2019
    The game did not appeal to my son so he never even tried to play it.
  • Another great game

    Sat Dec 21 2019
    The hubby loves the graphics on this game. It is so realistic and fun to play.
  • Great game

    Sun Dec 15 2019
    I really enjoyed this game and the campaign mode. Sniper contract is a great game.
  • nice little game

    Sat Dec 14 2019
    It takes some time to get a handle on.but worth it
  • Perfect game for stealth gamers

    Sat Dec 14 2019
    This is a cool stealth game. The sniper rifle is accurate at long distances. The environments are challenging. The AI are not predictable.
  • A Sniper’s Dream

    Fri Dec 13 2019
    I’ve played all the Sniper Ghost Warrior games but this one is the best one of all, now when you take each shot you must adjust your scope and take in account for wind speed direction and bullet drop because of distance etc....this feature wasn’t in the previous sniper ghost warrior games, it makes the game that more immersive not to mention you can upgrade your rifle and the rest of your equipment from the money you receive after completing contracts.
  • Fun game to have

    Fri Dec 13 2019
    You would really like this game. It is fun and exciting.
  • Great game

    Fri Dec 13 2019
    This is a great game if you're a fan of sniper game you will like this one.
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