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  • Lg

    Fri May 22 2020
    Happy with LG dryer. Simple and does the job getting our clothes dried

    Thu May 21 2020
    Got the gas dryer and have this to say about this product: pretty all white look, easy to use, you have the option to choose which way the door will swing open, energy star. The only gripe I have with this is that the normal dryer function can't dry loads that I believe to be normal sized. They will come out slightly damp. I think it's due to the energy efficiency. So you'll learn which setting to put things on for every type of laundry.
  • Great product

    Sun May 17 2020
    Machine don’t really save electricity since you have to dry it twice to get the clothes dry. However dryer was cheap and quiet.
  • LG gas Dryer

    Sat May 02 2020
    Love this LG dryer . I bought the set and both were about $1750. Love LG products. They are efficient and get the job done
  • Great

    Fri May 01 2020
    So easy to use and runs well. Looks great. Very quiet
  • Good drying options.

    Mon Apr 27 2020
    This dryer is easy to use. The options for drying are easy to read and select.
  • good

    Sat Apr 25 2020
    very happy with its easy functions and efficiency.
  • Great dryer, many features, good price

    Fri Apr 17 2020
    there are a number of higher priced gas dryers but the features and results with this dryer have been terrific. This dryer is very much like the kenmore elite dryer we had previously which died because of a thermal fuse issue. I almost bet they are manufactured by the same company. Price was right ($700) and hook up was easy Has a lower back vent and reversible door (this took a while to change! and was more complicated that hooking up the dryer.)
  • This dryer is a huge disappointment.

    Sat Apr 11 2020
    My primary issue is that in the four weeks since the purchase there have been quite a few occasions that the clothing simply does not dry. I do not mean it does not fully dry, but as wet as they were right out of the washing machine. Yesterday I realized that I had never complained to Best Buy or to LG so I tried to reach someone but the virus situation prevented speaking to a local employee. Finally I called the LG number and spoke to a "tech". The gentleman attempted to talk me through a diagnostic test and then a second one. He was quite pleasant but there was no resolution to the problem. He advised me to call back when the issue recurs. I am just resigned to the problem and have decided that this dryer was my first, and last LG appliance purchase. I am also disappointed that the "Wrinkle Care" feature seems to be useless. I am 72, and from a family that sold and serviced appliances so I realize that often complaints are due to user error. However, this is the fourth dryer I have owned and the only one that does not keep tumbling without heat if I cannot get to the dryer right away. Big disappointment! Wearing clothing that is wrinkled is not okay and although I own and use an iron for special items, I no longer care to iron every time I do laundry. Finally, I have never owned a dryer that has no light in the drum. That may seem petty but I noticed another review contained a similar comment. Thank goodness we purchased a 5 year extended warranty because I anticipate future issues.
  • Great dryer

    Fri Apr 10 2020
    Well, the dryer is great but I ended up getting the same one from a different business -NOT Best Buy. I ordered it and since the delivery was pushed out twice I could not wait. Got it from Lowes and it was installed quickly
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