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  • Apple SX Max

    Fri Sep 25 2020
    So far I am happy with the Iphone XS max. A good friend suggested the XS instead of the 11 and I am glad he did. I have only had it for a month but so far I haven't had a problem I notice the battery life lasts longer then my previous phone.
  • Great

    Fri Sep 25 2020
  • Love this phone

    Fri Sep 25 2020
    I’m a big fan of the bigger iPhones, I’ve had it for a year and love it
  • Great phone screen size is perfect

    Sat Sep 19 2020
    Love the iPhone XS Max would recommend to everyone the screen is great I would never go Babi to the regular iPhone
  • Nice all around phone

    Fri Sep 18 2020
    Great phone! Battery last along time Great camera
  • Personal use so big screen

    Fri Sep 18 2020
    The screen is good for social media users, gamers and the screen quality and camera are highlight.
  • Extra phone for work

    Fri Sep 18 2020
    I like the apple products and this one also is very reliable and the camera and options are good. The size is ideal.
  • Great phone

    Thu Sep 17 2020
    I used to have a Samsung, decided to switch to an iPhone. My whole family has I phones. Easy to use I won’t go back.
  • Good phone but not the best

    Wed Sep 16 2020
    I upgraded from an iPhone 5s and enjoyed the speed and memory. It does well for the most part but had issues with some games. Several glitches and ran hot so I just stuck to playing games in the console instead. Everything else works good with this phone.
  • Love it!

    Wed Sep 16 2020
    For many years I contemplated switching over from Droid to iPhone and so glad I did! I’ll never go back! I love the functionality and features! It’s truly... THE BEST!
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