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  • Loved this phone

    Sat May 30 2020
    I had this phone for two years. I loved it. It was very reliable
  • Enjoy and real liked this product

    Fri May 29 2020
    This phone has all the functions and I need and has a good signal
  • Nice Phone.

    Fri May 29 2020
    Nice telephone. We're from the more "mature" age group, therefore, we are a bit slower with adapting to new technology. We were able to muddle through using the telephone and continue to learn things every day.
  • Great phone

    Fri May 29 2020
    Great phone. Best Buy and Verizon’s partnership made it easy
  • Great phone

    Sun May 24 2020
    I have had this phone for almost 2 years and it has operated flawlessly. It is attractive and has lots of storage. I will definitely go with Apple again.
  • Easy

    Fri May 22 2020
    Ordering was easy. Got it quick. And setting it up was easy. Great phone. Great camera!
  • Great phone for teens

    Fri May 22 2020
    Just replaced my daughters phone, the new one is awesome for what she uses it for, videos and chatting with friends
  • Great Phone

    Fri May 22 2020
    I was needing an upgrade from an iPhone 6 plus and did not want one w/o the button at the bottom. I saw that the 8's were the last model this way. I use Verizon and they did not carry older models. I found them on Best buy and they had what I wanted. Fast shipping great service. I am happy.
  • Great phone

    Thu May 21 2020
    Love this phone and the memory it has. Great pictures. Wish it held a battery charge a little longer, but that is all Apple phones.
  • Great phone

    Wed May 20 2020
    This phone has a huge screen. Quick response and easy to use. Excellent camera.
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