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  • Outstanding pixilation quality

    Sun Feb 16 2020
    We bought this Xbox one s yesterday and the set up took minutes and the picture quality is out of this world. So vibrant. Would definitely recommend especially with the storage space.
  • It’s ok

    Wed Feb 12 2020
    I wish I would’ve bought the one X it was way better
  • Disc free console is the way to go!

    Tue Feb 11 2020
    The fact that it was on sale,was a huge plus being single mom and all. However the best thing is that this system eliminates having to shelf all the cases for the games. WIN,WIN,WIN.
  • Poor service

    Sat Feb 08 2020
    I purchased the Xbox at Christmas time for my nephew who has absolutely nothing the Xbox was broke within a week we returned it and now the remote smells of smoke not sure if it's burning I've contacted Best Buy no response I've contacted Xbox no response what a Christmas for my poor nephew
  • Great product, but could be better

    Sat Feb 08 2020
    Everything works exactly as described snd the games are fun... but.... I wish it came with two controllers and I wish I had not purchased the all-digital version. I had to buy another controller on top of spending a large amount of money on the system. The games take a long time to download and a lot of space. If you accidentally buy a disc instead of digital code it is a pain to exchange.
  • Fantastic console

    Fri Feb 07 2020
    So simple and lightweight. Wonderful being able to game without having to load and store discs. It’s great!
  • Never worry about scratched GAMES AGAIN!

    Fri Feb 07 2020
    All digital get ready to make room on your shelves! Console is digital! Very pleased
  • Great way If you dont want to buy disk

    Fri Feb 07 2020
    I really enjoy not have to find a.disk when my game is already downloaded to the system.
  • got it for my nephew

    Fri Feb 07 2020
    Got it for my nephew , He's 9 he seems to like it mostly with fortnite , minecraft, and what not all kids are into the days. I don't like that it doesn't have a disc tray , but I can't tell that it's bothered him
  • My great granddaughter is very happy with her gift

    Fri Feb 07 2020
    The Xbox one s was a wonderful Christmas gift. My great granddaughter enjoys playing games on it after doing her homework.
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