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  • Beat iPhone yet

    Sat Feb 22 2020
    Love the look and feel of this phone and the camera can’t be beat!
  • Great!

    Fri Feb 21 2020
    Love the photo quality and how smooth it runs. Great phone.
  • Very easy transition

    Fri Feb 21 2020
    I was using an iPhone 6. Let’s just say the 11 pro is an entirely different device with INCREDIBLE capabilities. The screen and camera are amazing! (Better buy the 256gb)
  • Amazing phone and great ATT Rep at Store

    Wed Feb 19 2020
    Awesome Cell Phone team at Frederick Best Buy Store!! Answer questions and provided great support to include quick easy installs of products.
  • IPhone Apple Quality

    Tue Feb 18 2020
    I am an Apple electronics user. All the updates and qualities of an Apple Iphone are great. I had a question about the camera. I made a Genius appt at the Apple store to get help and at no cost. Questions answered. I am a satisfied Apple electronic user.
  • great

    Sun Feb 16 2020
    Great phone, great ictures , and easy to handle..Amazing
  • Switched from Android

    Sun Feb 16 2020
    After many years using Android, I decided to give iOS a try. There is a lot I like and only a few things I miss. Still working on a slight learning curve but my wife is helping as she has been in apple ecosystem for a long time. Overall I would say the technical performance is right on par with my galaxy s10 I traded in.
  • Love my phone

    Sat Feb 15 2020
    I went from a 7 to the 11 pro and the clarity of the screen is so much better. I love the larger screen size. I got the 11 pro because I needed a phone that would still fit in my pocket when I do not feel like carrying my purse. This phone is barely larger than the 7 whereas the 11 is quite a bit larger.
  • Great camera with portraits.

    Sun Feb 09 2020
    Great phone, smaller size, faster. Ron, Best Buy, very helpful each time I went back to store for help.
  • The camera is amazing!

    Sat Feb 08 2020
    I love taking pictures, and this camera is everything promised! The phone is pretty much the same as all others, but the camera is worth the upgrade
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