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  • Simply amazing!!

    Sat May 30 2020
    Was due for an upgrade, love everything about this phone from the large display to the camera quality to the look of it. Extremely happy with my purchase!
  • great quality

    Fri May 29 2020
    Working good. Happy to get a phone like this and nice.
  • Excellent Phone

    Fri May 29 2020
    Great feature and excellent camera with a huge memory.
  • Great

    Thu May 28 2020
    Great office to work work product outstanding. Love it
  • Should Buy

    Thu May 28 2020
    The cam on this phone is fabulous. I do recommend if you love to take selfies
  • Excelente

    Wed May 27 2020
    I like this phone special the camera I take good picture of my baby
  • Love my phone

    Tue May 26 2020
    Had to replace an iPhone X that continuously had display issues. This phone has been excellent, no complaints.
  • Good battery life and quick charge

    Mon May 25 2020
    I have upgraded from 6s to 11 pro so i am very happy with the features 11 pro has got
  • Great product

    Mon May 25 2020
    Would definitely buy again. Has a great camera & display. Have not had any issues.
  • The best iphone in the world

    Sat May 23 2020
    I love my iphone i think is one of the best phone in the world is perfect to me
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