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Apple - iPhone 11 - 256 GB - Verde (Telcel)

Apple - iPhone 11 - 256 GB - Verde (Telcel)

Modelo: iPhone 11SKU: 1000223232

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  • Bday Gift

    Sat Nov 28 2020
    My 14 yr old loves. If he could write this review, I'm sure it would exceed the word limit. I prefer to purchase phones from BB over VW because of discounts given upfront and option to pay in full instead of monthly.
  • Happy w/ iPhone 11 & pro max for entire family.

    Sat Nov 28 2020
    Love the choice of colors in this iPhone 11. My family of 4 had no issues with these so far.☺️
  • IPhone11

    Sat Nov 28 2020
    Its a pretty good phone and I have always been a iPhone user and I believe this has been the best so far
  • Dont buy at best buy

    Thu Nov 26 2020
    Have had an iphone (multiple models) for over 10 years - this phone has functionality issues - primarily not connecting with bluetooth and the visual voicemail function not working. I would not buy from best buy. If you are buying an iphone , its best to do it from the apple store. I have been to best buy twice to either return of correct and they cant do anything. So either the 11 is a significant downgrade over my prior phone or the phone I have is a lemon and best buy will not do anything to help.
  • Short lived

    Wed Nov 25 2020
    I was in need of a phone after mine unexpectedly stopped working. I haven't had an iphone since the iphone 4. I just had a hard time going back to an iphone because of the physical home button not be available and having to use the face id for everything. I deliver mail, so I couldn't keep looking at my phone to get alerts and messages. I only had the phone for a week.
  • Great phone!

    Tue Nov 24 2020
    Amazing!! You cannot go wrong with an Apple product! Easy to use and similar to the old I phone.
  • iPhone 11 is legendary

    Sun Nov 22 2020
    This is absolutely the best iPhone I have ever owned. Can’t find one thing to complain about. All positive feedback here. Great purchase!
  • New Phone

    Sun Nov 22 2020
    Awesome phone. Love the edge to edge screen and the face id log in.
  • Good experience

    Sat Nov 21 2020
    Efficient and friendly staff, very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.
  • Lots of Bells and Whistles

    Sat Nov 21 2020
    My teenage son got this phone. It's a great phone, but lots of bells and whistles and probably more than he needed, but it gets the job done.
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