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  • Apple Watch

    Sun Jan 24 2021
    I lost my first watch and I was extremely mad. This watch is the best freaking watch ever made on this planet dude. Worth every freaking dime bro.
  • Definitely worth it for me

    Sat Jan 23 2021
    No issues. A little pricy but well worth it. Love that I can download music directly to the watch and not have to carry my phone when I workout or run. I don't use a ton of the features but that one was key to me. I originally bought during lockdown when the gyms were closed to keep myself accountable and moving and it's been great for that. I do like the fact I can take phone calls directly through the watch as well and have never had any issues hearing people or them understanding me. It's definitely an expensive gadget and probably not the choice for you if you're just looking to count your steps, but for all the other features it was worth the price.
  • Good

    Fri Jan 22 2021
    Love it! Have had it for a while works great. The Siri on it helps when I don’t have my phone near me and helps with calls
  • Love iWatcheS

    Fri Jan 22 2021
    I broke my 42 alum I watch after a few years. Wasn’t sure about the new 44 but it’s is easier to work with and looks good. Many more features in the new series.
  • I watch

    Fri Jan 22 2021
    Best price and avlabilty love my iwatch Best Buy rocks
  • !!!!

    Thu Jan 21 2021
    Simply the best!!! I would recommend to my friend and family
  • Great watch!!

    Tue Jan 19 2021
    Amazing watch, I use this every day. I am a very active person, so the health tracker is amazing for me. I love the always on display! Having the ability to walk away and leave my phone at home while I run, is not only amazing but it adds a level of security for me, in an emergency, I can call for help,
  • Her Love

    Mon Jan 18 2021
    Bought this for my wife she loves it and thinks it more precious than me!! Lol I am happy she is happy.
  • Watch

    Sun Jan 17 2021
    My husband loves his watch! He’s a contractor and doesn’t always have his phone so this is nice to be able to receive calls without the phone
  • Apple Watch

    Sun Jan 17 2021
    I love my watch! I had the first series before and this has more features. I love that you don’t have to have your phone near to use it.
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