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PS4 - WWE 2K20 - Deportes

PS4 - WWE 2K20 - Deportes

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  • interesting game

    Sat Feb 15 2020
    it is a slow game, easy to install but not worth the money
  • Great game

    Tue Feb 11 2020
    It’s very amazing. I like it very much. I think its one of the best games
  • Terrible

    Sun Feb 09 2020
    This game is terrible even after the update the graphics are terrible the game play is terrible
  • Good game

    Fri Jan 31 2020
    Early teen girl picked this out and she says she likes it a lot. "good game"
  • Good game just has glitches

    Fri Jan 31 2020
    Good game ,I like the new add one for this year .My only issue is the lagging and glitches.
  • Glitches alot

    Fri Jan 31 2020
    Glitches unable to play without it glitching So. Does not like it and he owns the precious games
  • Very Fun!

    Thu Jan 30 2020
    I've only had a glitch here and there playing this game. The roster and gameplay are impressive and I've played this for hours on end. It helps that I have a HUGE crush on Becky Lynch!
  • My son loves his game!

    Tue Jan 28 2020
    Great price and pick-up option made my purchase even better!
  • Great starter game

    Sun Jan 26 2020
    Bought it for my nephew and he's loving it. Graphics are on point.
  • Rough Game

    Sat Jan 25 2020
    While the WWE games for PS3 were very smooth, the PS4 versions have missed that and a lot more. It’s a Modest attempt by 2k, however, as they have mastered the nba, they continue to struggle with the WWE.
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