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  • Damage phone

    Fri Oct 23 2020
    My first phone came open and damage box,the replacement phone isnot working call best buy not help at all,deny the return label to send the phone back. Tomorrow I will bring the replace phone to the store for my money back.
  • It's average

    Mon Oct 19 2020
    Service isn't great. Moves slow at times. Some apps do not react well. The first day I activated the phone it did not work well. The mic doesn't seem to pick up well during calls unless you are on speaker phone. There were/are more defects but I can not recall. I like the Note8 better. But there are some pretty cool features with the stylus and the camera.
  • Good Phone and great screen

    Mon Oct 19 2020
    Its a great phone. Fast. We will have to see how it responds in a year time like all Samsung phones. There is a lot of softwares added to the OS which i do not like.
  • Love Samsung

    Sun Oct 18 2020
    Works as expected.. Got it during an offer at best price.. on time notifications until Item is ready for pickup and good service overall..
  • Perfect

    Fri Oct 02 2020
    Very easy to use. I traded in my old Note5 and am very glad I did.
  • Great phone

    Fri Sep 18 2020
    Got Galaxy 10 note to replace my old galaxy, works great.
  • opened phone box

    Mon Aug 24 2020
    was there a reason when I opened up package the phone box itself was opened?. I thought I was purchasing a new phone. I would like a call back immediately.
  • Overall good phone

    Thu Aug 20 2020
    The camera takes ok quality pictures. Size is great fit for my big hands. I love using stylus pen also you cant find screen glass protector since it has curved lcd screen.
  • Love The Stylus

    Wed Aug 19 2020
    I purchased note 10 on 6/30/2020. It is a nice size screen. I love the stylus and the cameras. Only thing I don't like is that there is no where for aux cord use which I did know ahead of time, but it had the storage i needed, the stylus I wanted, and was reasonably priced for my upgrade with sprint. I was determined not to spend more than $21 a month for my upgrade, so this worked for me.
  • Love it!

    Sun Aug 09 2020
    They just keep getting better... Definitely recommend this phone to anyone looking to get a Samsung.
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