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  • local dimming not all thats its advertised to be

    Mon Oct 19 2020
    I wanted to upgrade my Samsung 64" plasma tv and could not afford an Oled and I'm not willing to go with a qled I went with the cheaper 75" LG nano until I could upgrade to Oled. The nano has an issue with local dimming which causes major blume around any image in a dark background, I didn't think it would bother me as much as it does. But when it switches to Dolby vision it looks much better. The ability to connect to Bluetooth speakers and headphones is very easy and a plus and it connects easily to any network and has a strong connection to streaming services which has been a problem on my network in the past. Honestly, my 2013 Samsung plasma looks much better. If I didn't pay to have both TVs to be mounted in different rooms I would have returned the LG.
  • Awesome

    Sat Sep 26 2020
    Amazing picture and perfect size for my room. I love that the stand is one unit instead of two legs of you decide not to mount on the wall.

    Fri Sep 25 2020
    Great picture, plus it has more apps than my previous LG. Perfect size for out room
  • Love 4k

    Thu Sep 24 2020
    Bought for brother in law for his gaming. He loves it.
  • This is a Mac-daddy TV!

    Sun Sep 20 2020
    Awesome! Very intuitive navigation, easy to use and wow... what a picture! Love it!
  • Great picture and side views not distorted

    Sat Sep 19 2020
    Great tv caught on sale for $1499 , same great picture from front and side .
  • Great LG TV

    Fri Sep 18 2020
    LG 75 inch nano cell series 9 is great for a home theater gaming setup. Highly recommend seeing is believing.
  • 75 in

    Fri Sep 18 2020
    Love my TV. it has a great picture and looks amazing on my wall.
  • Better option

    Wed Sep 16 2020
    This is the poor mans OLED! Yes it’s not an OLED but the picture quality is great and it has the same processor as a mid level OLED. I wanted a 75” tv but didn’t want to spend 4 to 5 grand. The LG had the best quality and price point for my needs. I’m very picky about my picture quality and this has kept me from fussing. Great price if you wait for a sale.
  • Everything the customer rep said it would be.

    Wed Sep 09 2020
    This LG television is Wonderful. They customer rep helped me pick it out and it was an A choice.
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