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  • Good quality

    Fri Jan 24 2020
    Almost got a Samsung but salesman convinced me that this would be a better quality, it’s ok!!
  • Great tv for my small living room

    Fri Jan 24 2020
    Everything about this tv is awesome for the price. It has a great picture and it fits perfectly in my small living room.
  • Spontaneously quit connecting to wifi

    Fri Jan 24 2020
    This TV had spectacular picture quality until 28 days after purchase, when it spontaneously quit connecting to our wifi, even though laptop, cellphone, and tablet still connected. Read through LG forums, and this has been am ongoing issue since 2016, at least. Geeksquad were unable to fix, referred me to LG, who was unable to fix. So I called my very bright, high school diploma only son, who has never worked in the tech industry. He fixed the issue in about a minute. Your sales reps should perhaps refer consumers to a different brand, since this issue has been occurring since 2016, that I could find, and LG has not resolved it!
  • Crystal clear picture & Easy Setup

    Fri Jan 24 2020
    The setup program for this TV was quite simple, and the prompts were usually self-explanatory. It presents a very sharp, clear picture, and the sound is better than our other HDTV's. The only criticism is that it takes a little effort to get accustomed to the "floating" selector tool of the remote, although it did make the entry of out complex wi-fi password go more quickly moving around the keyboard. All-in-all, a VERY nice TV for a budget minded buyer.
  • Disappointed

    Thu Jan 23 2020
    I purchased this tv a day ago after bringing back another lower priced LG 43” tv from Best Buy that had issues with the screen freezing. I only had that tv for several days as well. The salesman convinced me to buy this tv as it was supposedly more reliable (as well as more expensive). I set this tv up and have had more issues especially with my cable box. I have repeatedly reset back to factory settings and reloaded everything as mapped out by the settings guide. It works well for a while and I’ll turn it off for a few hours, when I turn it on again the it get a pink screen and it won’t respond or communicate with the cable box. I have a new cable box thinking that may have been the issue. I’m beyond frustrated and don’t recommend this tv.
  • LG 43" TV is Great

    Thu Jan 23 2020
    LG 43" TV is great. Super clear picture. Easy setup and easy to use.
  • Excellent 4K TV

    Thu Jan 23 2020
    Excellent 4 K UHD TV with Magic Remote and Artificial Intelligence. It comes with both Google assistance and Alexa support.
  • TVs everywhere

    Thu Jan 23 2020
    Why wait put the tv in every room in the house, specialty if it’s cheap and good quality, the tv works great, good picture
  • Good TV at a good price

    Wed Jan 22 2020
    This TV is 43” big, which is good if it’s for a small bedroom. The 4K quality and HDR are decent and it has 3 HDMI ports, so you won’t have to switch cables if you have multiple things connected. It’s a decent TV at a relatively cheap price and worth getting if you are upgrading from an older, smaller, lower resolution TV.
  • Great tv!

    Tue Jan 21 2020
    I love this tv! I like the menu setup better then most tvs, It has a great picture and sound. I use mine for gaming mostly and I have had no complaints!
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