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Kill la Kill - IF - Nintendo Switch

Kill la Kill - IF - Nintendo Switch

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  • Fun to play. Story kind of chopped up.

    Sun Jun 21 2020
    If you are a fan of Kill la kill you'll probably shake your head at how the story element is handled but the combat and the cool unique animations is a major plus. The combat is pretty fun and feels like you make a satisfying impact when you are battling. If youre a fan of kill la kill or anime fighters. you'll likely enjoy this.
  • Very good anime, very bland game

    Tue Mar 31 2020
    Plays like ninja storm but very bland in game mechanics
  • Love it...........................................

    Fri Mar 27 2020
    Love it............................................
  • Fun game

    Wed Feb 19 2020
    Decent arena style fighter I am enjoying it so far.
  • Great game for switch

    Wed Feb 19 2020
    this is a great game to play on your switch i recommend it
  • Good budget game at a non-budget price

    Wed Feb 12 2020
    Fun interpretation of a show with great style as a fairly standard 3D Anime fighter. Nothing too complicated but worth checking out if you’re a fan of the show or anime fighter jank.
  • pretty good fighter

    Tue Feb 11 2020
    this is a decent fighter that is based on a anime. if you are a fan of kill la kill you will probably love this game recommend to get it when it goes on sale
  • Great game!

    Wed Jan 29 2020
    Best Buy was able to price match from a different store and was so happy! This game is very good and awesome and it runs nice on the Switch! I would only recommend this game to those who are actually fans of the anime but if not, don't get it. But if you're those types that loves any type of fighting/brawling games then I would recommend to pick this one up!
  • Awesome Game! Best Anime Series!!!

    Fri Dec 06 2019
    Awesome Game! Best Anime Series!!! Worth getting!!!!!
  • Perfection

    Fri Nov 01 2019
    This is an amazing fighting game with a unique story of its own to the show! Great comical moments! If you would like to try this game download the demo!
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