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Nintendo - Consola Switch Lite - Turquesa

Nintendo - Consola Switch Lite - Turquesa

Modelo: HDHSBAZAASKU: 1000221027

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  • Compact fun

    Mon Feb 24 2020
    I have the original nintendo switch and I bought this for the wife. She loves it, I love how compact this is and to be honest like the size better than the original switch. If you are only playing on the go then this is the system for you.
  • Great for my kids awesome product

    Mon Feb 24 2020
    I love it for my kid Best Buy always has the best deals I only shop here
  • Love this thing

    Sun Feb 23 2020
    Perfect for on the go gaming. I'm finding so many hidden gems on the eShop that just entertain to no end. Very happy.
  • Nintendo Switch Lite

    Sun Feb 23 2020
    This is my third purchase of Nintendo Switch Lite. I also have gray and turquoise colors. Can’t wait for coral next month. Awesome handheld device.
  • Love

    Sat Feb 22 2020
    My kids love their Nintendo’s! I love playing games on it as well!
  • Compact

    Sat Feb 22 2020
    I have the standard switch and I thought that was great for travel... this is even better!
  • Fun

    Sat Feb 22 2020
    Worked great for awhile, but something happened and won’t turn on anymore. Luckily I got the extended warranty and will be sending in for repairs.
  • Good

    Sat Feb 22 2020
    Nice game for young kid, easy to use and play on the go
  • Awesome handheld

    Sat Feb 22 2020
    My son is loving his switch lite. Excellent handheld. Super portable. Will recommend
  • Makes a great secondary device for on the go!

    Sat Feb 22 2020
    I already have the old switch and my kids always complained when the other one had our original switch and we went on road trips. I got this a a secondary device. It's great because I don't have to buy a new library of games. It is missing some functionality, but it's great when you are away from home!
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