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Starbucks -  Colombia By Nespresso

Starbucks - Colombia By Nespresso

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  • Better to buy here than somewhere else

    Sat Jan 23 2021
    Tastes amazing, way easier to buy here than anywhere else.
  • Cafe in your Kitchen

    Sat Nov 14 2020
    Priced to enjoy. I absolutely love this for my Nespresso machine, the capsules fit is perfection and makes a cup so good. I feel like I am at a Starbucks cafe. My daily go to coffee.
  • Stronger but flavorful for your Nespresso machine

    Fri Sep 25 2020
    Starbucks makes a consistently good product. The colombia pods are flavorful and a bit stronger whether you are making an espresso or a cappuccino. A bit pricey.
  • Delicious!

    Sat Apr 25 2020
    My first time ordering Nespresso Starbucks flavored pods, they are wonderful, wife and I love them.
  • It's not my flavor

    Mon Apr 20 2020
    Comparing to Nespresso pods they are not as good but still alright.
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