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Xbox One  - Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle - Acción

Xbox One - Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle - Acción

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  • AOT fans must have!!!

    Fri Sep 25 2020
    Been waiting for this game rather than previous version. All DLCs included are great. Clearance price.
  • Good game based on the anime

    Fri Jul 24 2020
    This complete version of AoT2 is great for those who waited for an expansion. I recommend buying it at this price.
  • Great for AOT fans!

    Fri Jul 24 2020
    The game runs smoothly on the Xbox. A great game for anyone who's a fan of Attack on Titan.
  • Better than the first game

    Sat Jul 18 2020
    I bought this with an unsure feeling if it was the same as the first game with just extra content. Although I loved part one for what it was I felt there was much room for improvement. The traversal was great but I felt camera could use some tweaks and mission layout could use some work too. The good news is most of my small complaints have been addressed. Added content is great as well, this will hold me out until final season of the show.
  • Great game

    Sat Jul 04 2020
    The game is fun an all, got it while it was on sale. Im happy with my purchase. The only thing i disliked was that you have to install the base game which is about 30gb plus the dlc which is 5gb and on top of that another 5gb for an update. A total of 40gb, its not that bad but devs need to compress files to tone it down a bit to at least 25-30gb.
  • Great game!

    Thu Jun 11 2020
    My son enjoys this game very much. Was given as a gift and he still likes playing it!
  • Fun game!

    Wed Jun 10 2020
    I'm a huge Attack on Titan fan and I enjoyed my time playing this game. Especially because of all the extra content that was not in Attack on Titan 2.
  • For fans of the series and the first game.

    Thu Jan 16 2020
    Great game overall. Really nice art and graphics style and gameplay feels great. Most things are improved from the first game. Recommended for fans of AOT.
  • Great game based on series

    Sat Dec 14 2019
    lots of fun. especially if you like the series. won't disappoint
  • Better than the original

    Fri Jul 19 2019
    If you're a fan of the series manga or anime you'll love the game relive what you saw in the anime but actually play this time controls take a little time to get use too but once you got it down it's very enjoyable and you can even play as past characters :)
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