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Xbox One - A Plague Tale: Innocence - Acción/terror

Xbox One - A Plague Tale: Innocence - Acción/terror

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  • Nice game

    Mon Aug 31 2020
    It is about survival and nice story. It is so sad in this game.
  • Great story and graphics

    Wed Jun 10 2020
    From a smaller studio, this is very impressive. The woods are comparable to Red Dead 2. In the game, you will be helping your little brother survive, but that surprisingly does not get annoying. You end up doing countless missions solo too. The story is great, and is set in a medieval era France. If you're into single player campaigns, this is definitely worth a shot.
  • Great game!

    Fri Jun 05 2020
    Excellent game. Lots of fun and terrific gameplay!
  • Beautiful game

    Fri May 01 2020
    This game is very amusing and has a lot of puzzles, the game locations are designed very beautifully and I love the story
  • Great story

    Thu Apr 16 2020
    I really want to kick the little brother, he has tons of ways to get your character killed.
  • pretty dope

    Wed Apr 01 2020
    this is a pretty mellow game that's very story orientated. It's cool to learn more and progress in relationships and ability's. I wish it was slightly longer game play or had something else to it. besides that its a really cool game with pretty nice graphics.
  • Amazing Story

    Fri Mar 20 2020
    Missed this upon release, glad I finally got to play it. Great mechanics and story.
  • Great game

    Wed Mar 11 2020
    Grat story, action, graphics and controls. Really good. Go buy.
  • Fantastic story!

    Thu Feb 20 2020
    Absolutely fantastic story and world! Highly recommended!!
  • Great

    Mon Jan 27 2020
    This game is awesome graphics are outstanding very fun
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