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Popsocket - Popsocket Sparkle - Rosa

Popsocket - Popsocket Sparkle - Rosa

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  • Very Pretty and Durable

    Mon Jun 01 2020
    Exactly as described. Would not stick to rubber case.
  • nice socket

    Sun May 31 2020
    This pop socket is a good quality and has held up well for 2 years
  • Works as advertised.

    Sun May 31 2020
    Great little gadget. It collapses down really far considering how tall it is when open. Has a sticky pad that holds really tightly. Says that it's re-usable, but I only pulled the thing off once or twice to re-adjust the position so it was in the most comfortable spot for me. Has been stuck to my Otterbox phone case for almost 2 full years now and doesn't show any signs of letting go any time soon. Also, doesn't really show signs of being worn out from being popped open/closed regularly for 2 years. I might try to transfer it to my new phone and see how that goes, but I doubt I'll remember to update the review. Only complaint that I had was that the holder in my car wasn't really compatible with the PopSocket which was only mildly annoying until the holder broke for reasons unrelated to the PopSocket. I would have needed to purchase another adapter to make my existing holder and the PopSocket work together.
  • so far so good!

    Sun May 31 2020
    very nice and delivered on time; fair price for the quality
  • Finger grip was a great gift

    Sun May 31 2020
    Daughter loves this thing. So well worth the money.
  • easy

    Sat May 30 2020
    it makes essy to use your phone at any time in all diferent angles
  • easy on hand

    Sat May 30 2020
    this pop thing itis very easy to use on ohone actually you can use your phone easier
  • Stylish pop socket

    Sat May 30 2020
    My 13yr old loves this. Great for selfie taking and game playing.
  • Didn't perform

    Sat May 30 2020
    Glue didnt last to long started to fall off ended up throwing in trash.
  • Nice pop socket

    Sat May 30 2020
    After about a month on my phone the glitter started coming off.
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