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Nintendo Switch - Pokemon Shield - Aventura

Nintendo Switch - Pokemon Shield - Aventura

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  • First game

    Tue Dec 01 2020
    Purchased this game for a gift for my children. Will update review in a month on how it is going. It is their first switch.
  • Fun game

    Mon Nov 30 2020
    I think it's a good game. Some may say it doesn't live up to previous Pokémon games. I have not played too many of them so I can't comment on that, I can just say that so far I am enjoying this one.
  • Great game

    Mon Nov 30 2020
    Great game. Pokemon is really popular again and my nephew and his friends love this game.
  • Brave new world for Pokemon!

    Sun Nov 29 2020
    Great new take on the Pokemon style, room for improvement but overall great!
  • Nice game

    Sun Nov 29 2020
    Game was a hit for XMAS. Teenager asked for it. Seems to keep occupied for a little while.
  • Pokemon losing pace.

    Sun Nov 29 2020
    It was an alright experience. Being older, I’m blinded by nostalgia of the older generations. Nintendo needs to revert a bit to some classic styles.
  • Good Game

    Sat Nov 28 2020
    I got this game for my kids. They absolutely love the content in the game.
  • Great Game

    Sat Nov 28 2020
    One of the best Pokémon games I’ve played in years. Definitely has a charm that will captivate you.
  • Great game

    Sat Nov 28 2020
    It may not be the longest story line in a pokemon game but the seemingly faster pace doesn't really detract from the entertainment value for me. I still completely enjoy playing the game and I find myself getting more invested in the new mechanics than some of the previous games. The world looks cool and it's pretty fun just to hop on a bike and cruise around
  • Amazing Game, Great Price, and Quick Delivery

    Fri Nov 27 2020
    Great game and Best Buy had in in stock and at a great price!
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