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  • Great laptop for home

    Fri Apr 24 2020
    This window 10 laptop is very easy to use and it connected to our internet and a 10 year old HPprinter very quickly.
  • Slow

    Sat Feb 22 2020
    I guess I thought a gaming laptop would mean fast but it's not. It's sometimes painfully slow.
  • Hey

    Fri Jan 24 2020
    too slow, not the internet but the laptop i think....
  • HP laptop

    Sun Nov 24 2019
    Easy to use, great price. Exactly what I was looking for
  • Just what we needed

    Sat Oct 05 2019
    Nice computer for the price. For our student, and it does what they need and more. Would recommend
  • Great price for gifts!

    Tue Sep 24 2019
    Bought 4 lab tops for the grand kids that live in Italy, and they loved them!
  • This is a great laptop for students (but beware)

    Sun Jul 28 2019
    this is a great laptop for students who need something with a big decently bright screen however this laptop is ruined by its very slow 1tb hard drive. its also not very good at playing any big games however you can play metro2033 with lots of lag on the lowest quality and minecraft needs to be set to it lowest settings with a render distance of about 6. however the game that is the most playable (and important) to me is osu. the battery life with a custom power plan for extreme power savings that sacrifices most of the usability of this laptop can last about an 11 hour trip with 30 minute breaks the keyboard is very responsive but its easy to make mistakes the trackpad is not good at all the speakers are not the highest quality but with some tweaking they can get very loud the webcam is okay and so is the microphone this is a very good cheap laptop
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