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Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order - Xbox One

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order - Xbox One

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  • Good game

    Mon Oct 19 2020
    Great game, great graphics, star wars at its finest
  • Be a Jedi

    Sat Oct 17 2020
    I have been waiting for this game. 3rd person star wars game as a jedi. What could be better. Highly recommend this game.
  • Be the Jedi!

    Sat Oct 17 2020
    Very solid starters game although the story line doesn't fully explain some things. Its fun and very entertaining. Star wars fans will love it.
  • Enjoyable Star Wars title

    Fri Oct 16 2020
    Fun Star Wars title. Jedi powers make for some great gameplay variability.
  • Favorite Star Wars Single Player Story

    Fri Oct 16 2020
    We deserved an amazing single player Star Wars story and we sure as hell got one. Fun, replayable, gorgeous, great story.
  • Great Star Wars Game

    Mon Oct 12 2020
    Instead of rehashing one of the story lines with which we are familiar, the game takes us on a story in the Star Wars universe that is new but rooted in Star Wars lore. It is enjoyable, though challenging. That is a balance that can be hard to reach and EA did with this game.
  • Best Star Wars game

    Mon Oct 12 2020
    Great story, graphics, and gameplay. Not much replay value though.
  • Great game great price!

    Sat Oct 10 2020
    I paid 25 bucks for this game and the gameplay is incredible. I feel like I'm in a Star wars movie when I play it and I don't want to put the controller down. This is a must if you have an Xbox and you're a Star Wars fan!
  • Great Game

    Sun Oct 04 2020
    This is one of the best games I have played in the Star Wars collections. I would recommend it for those who like a single player game. The story is great and the action is the best.
  • One of the best Star Wars stories.

    Sun Oct 04 2020
    This game is unbelievable. I need EA to give Respawn all of their money right now so they can keep making incredible games like this one. Thanks.
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