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  • Race day moto

    Fri Mar 13 2020
    This game is like WRC rally p, but on a motorcycle! You have racing you can do before the main race and you can do multiple races before the big race, and practice your skills, and I found this in the WRC rally game, and now on Moto GP. There’s just something about a motorcycle racer that is just better than any racing game! I found this game to be the most complete moto racing game out there. I’m loving it.
  • It's fun but not deep.

    Sun Sep 29 2019
    It's got decent AI but doesn't feel like the game is very deep. The lack of multiplayer make it get stale quickly. Buy only if you like solo racing vs. AI.
  • So happy this is on the Switch!

    Fri Sep 13 2019
    Hard as heck, but so thoughtful and deep with all the modes.
  • Disappointed

    Wed Jul 24 2019
    I’ve played a lot of Moto GP games and always had a good time with them. I took a chance on this because I wanted to play it portable. This game may be one of the worst looking games I’ve seen on the Switch. I’ll still play it, but the Switch version should be better than this. :(
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