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  • Love this camera

    Wed Feb 19 2020
    Great hybrid camera, the dials and build quality is up to par to the famous fujifilms, the natural colors and ease of use is awesome for everything i need!
  • A great upgrade from an X-T2

    Fri Feb 14 2020
    I loved my X-T2 and used it really often. I never really found myself wanting to upgrade until I started playing around with more video. The auto focus had been updated drastically and was infinitely more useful for video and stills. When I'm taking stills I can now just worry about framing and have the camera do all of the work of focusing on the face and eye. Of course you you could always choose to not use it this way. I still find myself using back button focusing since that's just how I'm used to shooting, but it's always a blast to be able to rely on auto focus for those weird angles. At the time of purchasing, the X-T3 wasn't available in a body only, so I chose the kit. I did use the lens for some time as it was very handy to have a zoom, especially one of that never got too dim at the longer focal lengths. I contemplated long and hard on whether or not I would keep the lens, and ultimately ended up selling it along with my X-T2.
  • Incredible quality

    Sat Feb 08 2020
    I'm using this primarily for video, but wanted the flexibility of a great still as well. The 4k quality is excellent and the built in LUTs are awesome. Lens options aren't cheap, but they are great quality.
  • Awesome camera!

    Fri Feb 07 2020
    I am very pleased with my purchase. It’s everything that I’ve ever wanted in a camera plus a whole lot more. I am also very happy with the so called kit lens. It’s more then just a “kit” lens at 18-55 f2.8-4 and the solid build quality impresses me. I will have and enjoy this camera for many years to come!
  • In Love With This Camera

    Sat Jan 25 2020
    This camera has added new enjoyment to creating photos. I enjoy using the dedicated manual dials to control exposure. I originally purchased this kit to be a travel setup instead of having to carry my a7III around with its larger lenses but have found myself using it for much more than that. I was able to purchase this kit during a sales event making it a very attractive purchase. The size of the camera is a bit larger than I’m used to for an APS-C camera but doesn’t bother me too much as the accompanying lenses are much smaller than lenses for my full frame camera. The camera grip is on the shallow end, but there are grip accessories that you can purchase if you need more depth. The picture quality is great. The kit lens is more than enough to get you started although I have also purchased used copies of the 23mm f2, 35mm f2, and the 56mm f1.2. Even at used prices, the cost of Fuji XF lenses are a bit high, so understand that before buying into this system. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase.
  • Hands down

    Sat Jan 18 2020
    Best crop sensor camera no competition, video and still
  • So far, so good!

    Fri Jan 03 2020
    Being an amateur with photography, this camera makes me want to go out and take pictures. I’m enjoying the physical dials, extra storage space with the two slots, and general ease of use. Everything came in new condition and working. Relative easy to set up. Syncing with my phone was a bit of a pain. I look forward to getting more use out of of this camera. Best Buy had a bare bones package compared with other places. Bought here for the points and that I’m confident in Best Buy to deliver.
  • Best APS-C on the market!

    Fri Dec 06 2019
    Fixes most of the issues the XT-2 and the build quality is excellent. If you are looking for a crop sensor everyday and/or travel camera this is likely the best option available right now. Fuji's lineup of lenses for the x-mount is also one of the best when compared to the competition. Highly recommended.
  • Great camera!

    Sun Nov 10 2019
    Photography is a new hobby I picked up 2 years ago and I replaced an old Canon Rebel with the X-T3. What a world of difference! The X-T3 feels great in your hands, is stylish, fast and takes great pictures!
  • Incredible camera!

    Fri Aug 23 2019
    I got this camera to replace 2 Sony mirrorless cameras, and it was the best photography related decision I’ve ever made. So much more user friendly and so much more FUN! The image quality is fantastic. The controls are simple. Autofocus isn’t quite as good as Sony’s, but it’s still excellent. And let’s face it, Fuji cameras look seriously cool. Just get this camera. You won’t regret it.
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