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  • Great picture and sound quality. I say go for it!

    Sun Oct 18 2020
    I've been very pleased with the picture and sound quality of this TV, as well as the ability to play sound through my receiver and speakers using the HDMI audio return channel. The "magic remote" took a few days to get used to, but becomes pretty intuitive once you start using it. Good range of picture settings such as brightness, color balance, and even overscan options for showing all pixels versus trimming out what would traditionally be in the overscan region of SD and HD TVs. While you may not expect to use that option with HD and 4K signals, it comes in handy when watching upscaled DVDs with distractions in the overscan region! It was easy to find in the menus after a quick Internet search. The sound easily fills my small living room, but also plays seamlessly through my home theater speakers via HDMI-ARC. Home theater volume can be controlled with the TV remote or directly from the home theater system. Good integration with home theater products, allowing the TV's magic remote to access key features of connected devices. There is a good range of basic apps available in WebOS, although some that I would like such as NBC Sports or specialized content like the Met Opera on Demand are not there and I have to stream through another device. Still, the major streaming players such as Apple TV, Disney+, Vudu, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube are there. I get very high video streaming quality from the built-in WebOS apps. I think since the built-in apps know they are made for a 4K TV, they are written to make sure they pull the highest-quality video available. I even plugged a 4K Amazon Fire Stick into the TV for comparison, and the Amazon Prime streaming video quality from the Fire Stick was noticeably worse than when I played directly from the TV's Amazon app. So overall, I am quite pleased by the app quality on this TV! Has an antenna port for streaming over-the-air signals, and it lets you choose which channels to display or hide in the channel list. That includes showing and hiding individual digital sub-channels. There is even a program guide included, which I assume fetches program data from the Internet for the channels in my area. I do not remember setting it up; if I did anything, it must have only been providing my ZIP code during setup. The TV just "magically" knows what is on and what shows are upcoming when I press the Guide button on the remote, which is a very convenient feature! The only things I don't really like about the TV are, as I said above, the lack of specialized apps; the fact that I occasionally get advertisements from LG for new apps that I don't want (such as the Hyundai channel which they recently tried to push); and a few minor details about the menu and remote set up that don't really affect my ability to enjoy the TV. The picture quality is excellent compared to previous generations (LCD HDTVs), with deep blacks and smooth color transitions. It is a pleasure watching movies on this TV in 4K that I could tell were "off" somehow (skin tones, color gradients, etc) when I used to watch the HD Blu-ray on my old TV set. You will not be disappointed!
  • Amazing OLED TV

    Wed Oct 14 2020
    I'm not going to do a huge review with all the features and what not on this TV. There are plenty of YouTube reviewers for that. I absolutely love this TV. LG OLED is the only way I have experienced 4K the way it was meant. I have owned 4k LCS panels from Samsung, and I was never impressed with them. My jaw hit the floor the day I was introduced to the OLED units. The Mrs. isn't interested in technology at all, and even she was impressed. The question I often get and see is the Burn-In situation. I have had this TV almost a year now, and that had NEVER been an issue. You setup the brightness and settings up properly, and follow the guidelines on how to avoid burn in, you will never have the issue. $1800 was a little steep for a tv, but I have zero regrets. It looks great, the apps installed like YouTube and Netflix run flawlessly, and it had been a fantastic experience with 4K blue ray discs via Xbox One X.
  • awesome

    Tue Oct 13 2020
    oled tvs are the best for anything. once i went oled i will not turn back. i will recommend this to a friend
  • Amazing

    Tue Oct 13 2020
    This is the best tv I have ever owned. The picture quality is amazing, interface is easy to navigate and fast, and the sound is pretty good for a tv.
  • Best picture and sound

    Wed Oct 07 2020
    I bought the C9 after my Sony 4k died on me the CPU fried. The quality of the C9 is amazing im happy my Sony TV died on me and I was able to buy the C9 using my bestbuy warranty. My sony had a grey hint all over it made every thing seem mushy on the screen blurry. This C9 has a beautiful screen bright and dark perfect picture and sound.. This television has 4 hdmi 2.1 for next gen no worries if you will get a patch? Unlike Sony and Samsung... is it possible too patch I don't think so. My only problem with my purchase is I should have bought the 65 inch instead of the 55! You don't have to guess if your movie and shows are in 4k uhd hdr look in the R corner and it'll tell you the quality quickly. I love that feature I use vudu Disney Netflix and prime. Even 1080p TV and shows are amazing!
  • Sweet TV

    Sun Oct 04 2020
    Super nice TV! Put it in the master bedroom so the kids wouldn't ruin it. Kids ruin everything these days! Thank god they're back at school full time. Couldn't take another day of that quarantine.
  • Wow

    Fri Oct 02 2020
    Didn't want to spend as much as this tv cost but happy I did in the end. After a few dud led tv decided to put out the extra for oled. Makes me hate my other TV's
  • TV just like a new one

    Fri Oct 02 2020
    Got it "open box fair", which can be really scary. But I took a chance, go it with no tv box, no manual, no remote or anything. But I wanted to try and see how the item really looks. I was blown away. TV looked like new, nothing to say beside a couple of marks/scratches on the back, I guess due to mounting the TV or removing it from the wall. Overall very satisfied. I had another Nano LG TV, so I shared the same remote control until the one I ordered for this one arrived. So TV quality was the same as a new one, nothing to say. Just that you are getting a TV with some scuffs or marks on the back. But no technical issues or quality issues so far. Worth trying. you have 15 days to return it. Fingers crossed.
  • Great TV!

    Fri Oct 02 2020
    I was skeptical about buying this TV initially but has grown to be one of my favorite!
  • Beautiful picture

    Sat Sep 26 2020
    We love our new television. We do wish we had added the sound bar, though.
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