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  • not too bad

    Mon Jun 08 2020
    this product helps some , just not great. we only have a 1 story 1200 sq ft house and bought 2 of these to basically extend the poor AT&T router.
  • easy setup

    Mon Oct 07 2019
    TP-Link Deco was very easy to setup, and easy to monitor, using the smart phone app that I downloaded during setup. My only reservation is, sometimes I have to plug my ethernet cable into my notebook PC, which is 10 inches from the Deco, in order to get a good internet connection.
  • Knowing who’s online

    Fri Aug 30 2019
    I love that have a good signals throughout my home. I also like the fact I can see who’s or devices online at all time.
  • Easy Setup. Great WiFi Speed.

    Tue Aug 06 2019
    This was an add on to my existing 2 deco mesh system. Adding this on was a breeze and now I have fast and strong WiFi signal on all 3 floors of my home.
  • Impressed

    Fri Aug 24 2018
    So far so good, follow app instructions set-up was simple. Connections are all good, like the design simple and sleek. Good coverage through out small house. You can name your network, that's great. Like the omni directional antennas, no adjusting necessary.
  • Quick shipping and Wi-Fi streaming

    Wed Dec 20 2017
    Wi-Fii video streaming throughout the entire house.
  • Excellent expansion Unit

    Sun Aug 27 2017
    This review is for a single Deco M5 expansion unit. I was easily able to pair it with my existing Deco system without any issues. It gave me the full coverage I needed for my while home Wi-Fi system. The unit doesn't take up any room and has 2 etherent ports for connecting devices if you want. This review was submitted as part of a free sample program.
  • Great Wifi Router for Families

    Wed Aug 23 2017
    I've owned more wifi routers than any sane person should have. I've had more powerful routers, and more complicated routers - but this is the one I choose to use in my home. I haven't had any stability issues, but a single router doesn't provide as much coverage as one of the larger more expensive routers might (before this I was using the tp-link ac5400) if you need better coverage, these routers can be used in a mesh. Personally a single router provides adequate coverage. Most importantly, these routers provide very simple, yet powerful controls controlling family internet time. Every time a new device connects, you get an alert on your phone (android in my case). You can then choose to assign that device to a person. Children can have age-appropriate filters set, time limits, and bed times. Additionally if needed you can pause internet access for any of the users. Submitted as part of a free sample program.
  • Great Expansion Unit

    Sun Aug 20 2017
    This review is for the M5 single expansion unit. The M5 mesh network system is an first foray into the mesh networking game. The expansion unit was just as easy to set up and pair with my existing 3 deco set up. Similar to the 3-pack, the M5 expansion unit is definitely nice to look at and don't take up a significant amount of space. Each M5 unit has 2 ethernet ports for connecting devices (except for the main unit where 1 is for the connection to the cable modem). The setup via the deco app is super easy and basically perfect for someone that wants a secure network but without having to get into all the technical details and configurations needed. In addition, the 3 year package of trend micro built in protection is fantastic. However, if you are looking for advanced configuration options or the ability to tinker with settings this may not be the router for you as those options are somewhat limited. This review was submitted as part of a free sample program.
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