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  • Great watch, easy to pair

    Fri Dec 06 2019
    Great watch It was easy to set up and pair with the phone I wish it had a microphone but other than that is perfect as a smart watch for samsung users
  • Did not last two weeks.

    Fri Nov 01 2019
    Very poor quality. Do not recommend this watch at all.
  • Great

    Sat Sep 21 2019
    Great awesome I'm loving the watch and it is a great quality and I'm loving it
  • Meh.

    Sat Sep 14 2019
    It’s not what my wife expected at all. We took it back and traded it for the Samsung Galaxy watch.
  • My first smart watch

    Fri Aug 02 2019
    I Love the watch and the look! Classy for my office job but relaxed for nights and weekends. Super easy to set up and link with your phones bluetooth. Knocked the face on random things several times throughout my first month- no scratches. Everyone in the reviews were complaining about the battery. I wake up at 6 am, it usually does die between 7-8 pm but it doesn’t bother me. When I get home and sit for 20 minutes, I charge it. It gets a decent charge in that time and last the rest of the night. There’s a battery save mode if you’re out all night. Not sure if this could be linked to your cell phone carrier or not, but mine is not.. this means I receive all my notifications but cannot text back, etc. (Someone please prove me wrong on that?) Several different watch faces available. Heart rate and steps count are my primary purposes for buying. It links with google apps liken Google Fit. I have an iPhone and although I love this watch, I honestly should’ve just gotten the Apple Watch and had it linked with my cell phone provider so I could do literally everything a smart watch can offer. Overall, I’d still buy it again and love it so much!
  • It’s cute

    Sat Jun 22 2019
    the Bluetooth connection with iOS is very bad, all the time it disconnects from the phone
  • Beautiful smartwatch

    Fri Jun 21 2019
    Love this smartwatch, looks pretty and get compliments on it
  • Beautiful smartwatch

    Fri Jun 07 2019
    I got this watch for my wife and she was so happy.
  • Great!

    Fri Jun 07 2019
    Loved it . Still getting used to it Only downsize is battery life
  • Love the watch

    Wed May 15 2019
    This is a great watch. Only bad thing I have to say about this watch, is that the battery doesn't last 24 hours. In the upside, it charges really fast.
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