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Blood & Truth - PlayStation 4

Blood & Truth - PlayStation 4

Modelo: 3002984SKU: 1000219157

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  • Not good

    Tue Oct 20 2020
    It could have been better, not very memorable don’t recommend
  • Awesome VR game

    Thu Oct 15 2020
    Awesome game and got a great deal on it too!!!!!!!
  • Great game

    Tue Sep 29 2020
    Excellent game for the experienced gamer.I had a great time playing this game
  • VR

    Sat Aug 29 2020
    I was never into be games before I played this gem, boy o boy what a ride
  • Very good

    Sat Aug 29 2020
    The game is exceptional. My only complaint is the red dot sight aiming was very difficult for me and it ended very abruptly
  • One of the Best VR Games I have Played

    Sat Aug 22 2020
    Game play with the VR was clear. I just started playing it, but so far I really like it. It feels really immersive.
  • Mud In The Booth

    Fri Aug 21 2020
    It's a PSVR exclusive. You Best Buy it! Seriously!
  • For grandson

    Sat Aug 15 2020
    My grandson likes the game and plays when he is visiting.
  • One of the best PSVR games.

    Fri Jul 31 2020
    Blood and Truth is an amazing VR game. If you own the PSVR this is a must have.
  • Great VR game

    Fri Jul 31 2020
    I love this game. Not 2 many VR games I like. Great game
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