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Team Sonic Racing - Nintendo Switch

Team Sonic Racing - Nintendo Switch

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  • Video game

    Mon Oct 26 2020
    The whole family loves this game and enjoy playing it.
  • sonic racing rocks

    Tue Oct 20 2020
    this game is one of my favs. it seen to let me win always
  • Team Sonic Racing

    Mon Oct 19 2020
    I bought this game for my little brother and he loves it
  • Fun Sonic game

    Fri Oct 16 2020
    Is a Mario Kart but with Sonic and friends, from my perspective is a great racing game for the switch I love Sonic so that's why. Graphics look great, fun to play.
  • Sonic

    Fri Oct 16 2020
    Fun game that I bought for the grandkids and they seem to really enjoy playing it.
  • Not as good as Mario Kart, but it is still fun to

    Fri Oct 16 2020
    Not as good as Mario Kart, but it is still fun to play.
  • Not good

    Fri Oct 16 2020
    The game isn't as bad as the port makes it out to be. Team Sonic Racing is good. The game is bad on the Nintendo Switch. It's missing basic functionality such as party chats, trophies/achievements, and a consistent manner to invite your friends to play a game with you. Most of the stuff was available almost 20 years ago on consoles, but Nintendo still has not figured it out. Every multiplayer game is negatively impaired by Nintendo's intentionally terrible decision making.
  • A great time pass with the little ones

    Tue Oct 13 2020
    This game is fun! I bought it for my nephew and we had a blast playing this one. Nothing complicated but enough to keep you interested. A nice racing game for kids.
  • Great for the kids

    Sat Oct 10 2020
    This item is excellent my kids love it they always say it’s fun
  • Recommend

    Thu Oct 08 2020
    This is a fun game. The races are challenging and there is a lot of customizing on the cars that change the dynamic to make it fun. There's different types of races within the story that make it more entertaining. I give it a 4 because there is no demo race or instruction guide so you have to figure out the buttons and you have to figure out how to gain points and how to use the points to purchase the customizable parts.
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