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  • sony is a great brand excellent

    Mon Sep 14 2020
    i have the sony shake and my neighbors dont like it so
  • seemed sturdy

    Fri Jul 31 2020
    We took out of box and looked it over. Not what we were looking for so we carefully repackaged and returned.
  • Not the loudest

    Wed Jul 08 2020
    if you expect bass and loud look elsewhere. This is not for a large party. But definitely would work in a back yard with a small group.
  • its an ok speaker

    Fri Jun 19 2020
    for a box that big it does not have much power,not loud at all
  • Great speaker!

    Sat May 23 2020
    Great quality, awesome sound, and not too heavy or bulky.
  • Not too small, not too large.

    Sat May 16 2020
    Great portable and chargeable speaker. It’s easy to connect your wireless devices via Bluetooth. The only thing I wish it had a little more of is bass.
  • Easy to set up and use

    Fri May 15 2020
    This unit holds a charge long and connect to Bluetooth easily.
  • Okay B tooth

    Fri May 08 2020
    This is an okay unit just not the quality case or sound I was hoping for , okay for the backyard or park . Just the quality of sound is not what I expected. Bought it for my Grandson I don’t expect it to last long . Teens ! The real review should ask , was my order completely NO still waiting on cords for my speakers I bought under the idea they would work in my truck. Well not without customizing the mount and still had to make adjustments to speakers housing to get it to work. Needless to say might as well credit my account for speaker cords , figured it out .
  • Great outdoor speaker

    Fri May 01 2020
    Good sound quality. Easy to use, affordable price.
  • not loud enough

    Sat Apr 25 2020
    I thought it would be louder, Its ok inside but outside it's not as loud
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