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  • Broke often

    Fri May 29 2020
    I bought this and have a few weeks had constant static in the ears, got new ones, same problem. Changed them for ones of a different brand.
  • Great for gym

    Fri May 29 2020
    I love these headsets, great sound. Love the music flow.
  • Great sound

    Fri May 22 2020
    Love the sound and they are very light weight. Fits well also.
  • Difficult to connect to devices.

    Wed May 20 2020
    I received these as a Christmas gift from my husband. They’re great and the sound is awesome...when you can get them to connect to a device. I’ve tried them with a few different devices including both Android and IOS phones. Still difficult to connect to device. The process is long and involved: press the button wait for static light not blinking...on and on; it’s too much work.
  • Garbled Voice On Calls

    Tue May 05 2020
    Worked great at first. Last 4 months it has been disconnecting from both of my devices. Also when on calls people say my voice is Garbled and I cannot be understood. Get the same complaints when connected to laptop in web meetings. Zoom, GlobalMeet, WebEx, does not matter the service...same results. Guess I need to find a different device and throw these in the trash. I hate flushing $100 down the toilet, but that is what you will be doing if you but this headset.
  • Excellent quality

    Mon Apr 20 2020
    Love the option to hang on neck or keep in ears. I really don’t like how the magnets connect and hang up if on video chat and are not in use.
  • good value

    Sat Apr 18 2020
    We bought these headphones and feel they are a great value for the price
  • Wireless earbuds.

    Tue Apr 07 2020
    I liked this product except the cord was a little short to my liking. Good sound quality.
  • Not very good sound

    Fri Mar 20 2020
    Too much background noise, very low speakers. Returned them, changed them out for AirPods instead.
  • Ok

    Sun Mar 15 2020
    These are ok but the quality of phone calls is lacking. Returned them
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