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  • Great purchase

    Sat Jun 27 2020
    I’m so glad I bought this, it’s gotten a lot of use since this purchase.
  • Still going

    Sat Jun 13 2020
    Had this since last May and it's running cool and quiet! Daughter loves it
  • My boyfriend needed a new xbox

    Fri Jun 12 2020
    I got him this Xbox and it is amazing he loves that he doesn’t have to buy discs anymore no more scratches or losing them.
  • Very nice upgrade over original Xbox One

    Fri Jun 12 2020
    This is a nice upgrade over the original Xbox One. With the move to digital games there is no need for a disc any longer. The games, due to their size, do take a while to download, but Microsoft allows you to download them ahead so you can get playing as soon as the game is released. I have had no issues with the video quality on my 4k screen.
  • Xbox

    Fri May 08 2020
    Great Xbox works really well no issues at all just gotta buy Digital games
  • Ditital

    Fri May 01 2020
    We returned this and got the one that plays disk. Better for a 7 year old
  • Awesome

    Fri May 01 2020
    east set up awesome product. Nice for kids to have some play time.
  • Great experience

    Sat Apr 25 2020
    I love that you don’t have to buy game cd’s. Worrying about damaging the cd’s is frustrating and costly. I especially love the amount of games that can be downloaded and not have to worry about memory space.
  • All Digital

    Fri Apr 24 2020
    Bought this to make a travel gaming unit. I carry my 4TB hard drive along with all digital XBOX when I travel.
  • Great!

    Fri Apr 17 2020
    We bought this for our son, and he loves it. Great value and the digital features are excellent.
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