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  • Very comfortable

    Sat Mar 28 2020
    My wrist feels more comfortable with this mouse. Was having wrist pain with a regular mouse.
  • Good mouse but not for me

    Fri Mar 27 2020
    The mouse is made of good quality and is functional. Unfortunately I am left handed so it does not work well with me. I did give it to my sister and she is most pleased.
  • Great for painful carpal tunnel

    Sun Mar 15 2020
    Decreases pain from using the mouse especially if you type all day long
  • Fits MY hand like a glove

    Fri Feb 14 2020
    I had some issues with my hand and wanted to find a new ergonomic mouse. When I saw this one for sale, I decided to try it for myself and was not disappointed. It works well, fits my hand well...but I have to tell you, it LOOKS weird.
  • Fits well in your hand!

    Tue Feb 04 2020
    Super easy to maneuver and lightweight. Worked like a charm!
  • good mouse if your wrist is tired.

    Mon Dec 30 2019
    I have a similar one from Amazon. compare to that, the buttons are little harder than one I have. but overall I am satisfied w/ its quality and compatibility w/ my laptop.
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