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  • life changing

    Sun Dec 08 2019
    After messing with fire sticks and bad internet connections this TV is a God Send. We can get on all our favorite sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime and Hulu without long minutes of waiting for the wi-fi to work. The picture is incredible and the sound is great. This was our early Christmas present and it was the best decision we made. The Best Buy Staff hooked us up and set it up and connected everything and hid all the wires for us. I highly recommend the Geek squad when getting any electronics hooked up and ready .
  • Nice picture

    Sun Dec 08 2019
    Nice tv love the animation. I couldn't decide between Sony and LG but the quality of the picture was excellent for sony.
  • Awesome picture quality

    Sun Dec 08 2019
    Awesome quality satisfied customer great mounted location
  • Fantastic buy on a 4k Ultra HD Sony Smart HDR TV

    Sat Dec 07 2019
    High tech sharpe brilliant picture!! Fantastic sound!!
  • Better than my 2014 60" Sony.

    Sat Dec 07 2019
    Better than my 2014 60" Sony. Less problems connecting to the internet.
  • Beautiful, crisp picture.

    Sat Dec 07 2019
    Purchased this T.V. as an upgrade from our 55" Sony. We are very pleased with our choice. The picture quality is very good. We are also very happy with the sound from the T.V. speakers. We are extremely happy with our purchase.
  • This is a great television.

    Sat Dec 07 2019
    The tv has tons of available apps to stream almost any service. We will be canceling our satellite tv soon....
  • Sony quality, fair price

    Sat Dec 07 2019
    It is my 1st Sony, and it does have excellent picture quality, though I favor the picture on my 55” Samsung slightly better. Setup is relatively easy. I was a bit disappointed to learn that because it is an Android TV, some apps (Spectrum, specifically) are not available as add-ons. My salesperson suggested that Sony’s longevity and quality would last a lot longer than other similarly-priced televisions. (She was extremely pleasant and helpful, btw!)
  • Excellent

    Sat Dec 07 2019
    Not disappointed. Sony did it again with great quality picture.
  • Sony 65" TV

    Sat Dec 07 2019
    Excellent TV. picture is great. I am using it to stream and am very happy with the quality.
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