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  • great small radio

    Sat Aug 17 2019
    I have not encountered any problem this radio and the reception is good.
  • Average portable radio

    Fri Aug 16 2019
    I wasn't looking for anything special, just a device that provides radio. This product does the trick. It has no bells or whistles so don't expect things like sound quality, blue tooth capabilities, etc.
  • Great radio

    Fri Aug 16 2019
    Great radio my mom loves the radio. She used it when she hears the music form the radio.
  • The radio is exactly what we wanted.

    Sat Aug 10 2019
    My wife and I were interested in an AM/FM radio that combined the highest quality with the smallest practical size. The Sony radio from Best Buy fills the bill perfectly. Even the price was right!
  • Portable and effective

    Fri Aug 09 2019
    Sony’s AM/FM portable radio comes at a great value if you’re looking for entertainment or information on the go. It doesn’t come with batteries, which is a given.
  • Perfect pocket radio

    Fri Aug 09 2019
    Delighted to find this little pocket radio. Perfect for those summer days working in the garden and listening to the ball game.
  • Good to have around when the lights go out.

    Fri Aug 09 2019
    It's good to have a portable radio around if the power goes out. You could just rely on your phone of course, but it would be bad news if the battery goes dead before the power comes back. It's simple to use and it doesn't cost much. It's a bit too bulky to carry in your pocket, but it does have a kind of cute retro look to it.
  • Great for international usage!

    Fri Aug 09 2019
    I used as a translator in Brazil, worked very well with my headphones.
  • Gooo radio if needed

    Sun Aug 04 2019
    I used it to scare a hawk away from my house. After getting it
  • Great radio for the money

    Sat Aug 03 2019
    Everything a small should be well made high quality in fairness I am a Sony guy
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