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Dead Or Alive 6 Edición estándar - Xbox One

Dead Or Alive 6 Edición estándar - Xbox One

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  • Good game

    Mon Oct 19 2020
    This game was pretty good. I like this series because of the fighting style, but that is the only reason I would recommend it. If you plan to get all of the DLC you won’t ever finish paying for it.
  • Cool fighting game

    Wed Sep 23 2020
    Any fan of Dead or Alive will enjoy this installment. There is a lot of dlc for it as well but not in this edition.
  • Beautiful and well crafted fighter

    Sat Sep 19 2020
    Very detailed game with complex fighting system which counter moves will save you on the hardest difficulty.
  • Great Game

    Fri Aug 07 2020
    Awesome game! Also got the game for a great price!
  • fight

    Sun Jun 28 2020
    I love this game. Its really fast, and has cool moves. good environments. great graphics, and super hot chicks to fight as.
  • A decent, but lazy update

    Mon Jun 15 2020
    Not a really huge jump up from Dead or Alive 5. Was really hoping for more.
  • Ok game

    Sat Jun 13 2020
    I played this series when I was younger, but it hasn’t really evolved that much.
  • Fun fighter

    Mon Jun 08 2020
    The Dead or Alive series has always been a good fighting series, but especially since 5 has had a lot of DLC content. To that point even the recent Street Fighter V has taken a page from that book with the game offering a range of base fighters, with a slew of DLC characters and more costumes than most would reasonably care to buy. Dead of Alive 6 plays well and offers a good range of arenas. While maybe not as robust as 5, there is still a lot of content to enjoy in this game.
  • Solid DOA entry

    Sat May 30 2020
    Let’s get this out of the way, the game has ridiculous amounts of paid cosmetic DLC. If you’re a person who NEEDS to have every available piece of DLC for a game then you’re going to have a bad time. That being said I’ve been really enjoying this entry in the DOA franchise. It excels where it matters, the fighting, controls, and graphics are great. The story mode is typical DOA “so bad it’s good” fare. The quest mode is a fun way to learn various mechanics while trying different characters and unlocking items. There’s other modes as well but I’ve yet to check them out. Overall it’s a fun addition to the fighting game library and at ~$20 it’s definitely worth it.
  • Great graphics, cheating AI

    Thu Apr 23 2020
    The fighting system for the game is well designed with blocks, counters, and 3D playing field. The graphics are well designed. When you're playing with others, it is a fun game. When you try playing against the computer, it's AI cheats. You can tell at certain times that merely reacts to what you're doing to do a perfect block or counter against you. That aside, it is a well designed fighting system. The unlocks of costumes is quite annoying. Some shown are only available by purchase. I wish they'd just give you 2 or 3 to choose from and remove the rest. The fan service is just ruining a very good fighting game.
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