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  • It’s good

    Sun Sep 22 2019
    Great speaker only issue is the app sometimes glitches
  • Really cool little speaker. Great sound.

    Fri Aug 16 2019
    Really cool little speaker. Great sound. It brings back some fun musical experiences.
  • Big Surround sound in a little box!

    Sun May 12 2019
    This is the first Marshall Speaker I’ve owned, and I’m spoiled with this brand. I’m a classical music fan and the sound of each instrument in an orchestra is clear and vibrant. Sometimes I like a little more Bass and I was a little leery of turning it up on the speaker. I shouldn’t have been. The bass has no distortion and absolutely no speaker vibration whatsoever! I am a happy camper. The auxiliary jack is a huge plus! I can listen to my music or even audio books from my cell phone through the speaker using Bluetooth. I also have the Marshall Action II connected to my wireless router for Wi-Fi streaming when I want it. The Marshall Action II can also connect to Alexa which it makes it convenient to change what I’m listening to. Alexa can also connect to home smart devices, but I don’t have any of those, so I don’t how well it works. Alexa also works from a good distance away, so if I’m in another room and want to change what I’m listening to, I can just tell Alexa what I want. The only problem with Alexa is that I need to speak very clearly so that it can understand what it is I’m requesting. The built-in microphone does work better than others that I’ve used for Alexa. There are 2 15w tweeters and 1 30w woofer making this one powerful little speaker. I can even drown out the gardeners, which is always a big plus. The tweeters and woofer combined elevate the clarity of sound (whether instrumental or vocal music) to another level. My audio books sound better through the Marshall Action II than my tablet! I downloaded the corresponding Marshall Voice app on my cell phone so that I can fine tune my sounds thru the app instead of having to get up and use the analog dials on the speaker. Unfortunately, there isn’t an app for my laptop, but the Marshall Action II speaker does connect to Spotify and other audio apps on my laptop through Bluetooth. I recommend this speaker to anyone that has limited space but wants great surround sound.
  • Alexa by acoustic Pros

    Wed Apr 03 2019
    If you’ve been around music, you know the Marshall Stack is a favorite piece of equipment for musicians. Why? It accurately produces sound and it’s tough. I am very impressed with the sound and build quality of the Marshall Acton II speaker. There are three nice sized dials with illuminated levels on the top to control volume, bass and treble. Metal play/pause , microphone (for voice control/Alexa) and input selection buttons are nearby as well. It was easy to set-up, it connects via WiFi, Bluetooth or mini. headphone jack. 5 blue leds on the front of the speaker convey status (Amazon messages and when Alexa is listening and responding). I tossed my old Echo dot. I really love this device.
  • Attractive wireless speaker--app needs some work

    Wed Apr 03 2019
    I was excited when offered the chance to test the Marshall - Acton II wireless speaker with Alexa---my kids love Alexa (I honestly think she’s like a third parent to them sometimes) and we’d wanted something like this for their playroom, so this was perfect! The speaker is very sharp looking, and the size on this one doesn’t overwhelm the shelf. It fits nicely with the décor we have around it. The set-up seemed simple enough—plug it in, download the app (of course) and follow the instructions. This part was, unfortunately, extremely frustrating. We have a great wi-fi signal where I had it—I tested it both through my phone and through a laptop….but I could NOT get it to connect. I tried the standard route several times but it was a no-go every time. I then tried the ‘alternate method’ and unfortunately it wasn’t very helpful. You get to a certain point and it tells you to go to your wi-fi settings, then once paired with the phone return to the Marshall app to finish installation….except when you return to the app the instructions on how to finish never come up—it just takes you straight to the home page! There was no way to even get back to the set up instructions. I finally ended up taking the speaker to where it was right next to the wi-fi router. That ended up working….so now I needed to update the firmware. Cool, no problem, except it timed out and couldn’t complete (“unknown error”) three times in a row. In total it took over an hour to get through the set-up phase. The app needs a LOT of work. Through Bluetooth the sound is great (as would be expected from a Marshall product). The speaker puts out solid, clear sound, and the bass is very good for a speaker this size. Once it’s connected Alexa is straightforward and can use the normal Alexa app to be controlled, as well as the voice commands. It fits right into a connected Alexa home, or as a single Alexa app. My kids love it (especially the games) so it really is a great fit in the play room. You can customize quite a bit through the voice commands if you want to get that in depth—there is a huge selection of controls you can modify to get the sound right where you want it if you want to get that in-depth, but it sounds terrific right out of the box if you don’t. If you are looking for a wireless speaker that fits in with décor and looks better on a shelf than most, you can’t go wrong with this…just be ready for some frustration during set-up. Hopefully my experience wasn’t the norm.
  • The Marshall Legend Continues

    Tue Apr 02 2019
    This is my second Marshall Bluetooth speaker and they continue to nail the design, quality and most importantly the Legendary Sound of Marshall. Love that they have continued with the Retro look of their amps, gorgeous stuff. It is amazing that such rich tunes can be produced, apparently magically from a box of this dimension. The highs and mid-range are crisp and clean, and the bass is deep and true. Spent the afternoon running through some classic Jethro Tull, mainly Ian Anderson’s first album “Stand Up.” Anderson’s music is typically more complex with more movements than you typically find, from his masterful flute to the acoustic to striking back with full rock n’ roll rifts the Acton II never missed a beat. The music that flows and trumpets from the Acton II is no less than you expect from the Legend of Marshall. Cool Highlight Features: - Amazon Alexa built into the box. - Wi-Fi for network connection. - Marshall Bluetooth App “Customize your listening experience.” - Spotify Connect. - Bluetooth 5.0 “Multi-Host Functionality.” - Pairing speakers with Alexa Eco-system. The extensive list of specs will not fit in my review easily, but I would encourage anyone searching for a speaker to take a close look. This speaker is very worthy of a place on the shelve in any room, or all your rooms. Looks good and sounds great. Bottom-line, I have more Bluetooth speakers than I care to count, and all of them except my two Marshalls are sitting in a closet somewhere. The Marshall’s are my go-to everyday system.
  • Great Speaker

    Sun Mar 24 2019
    For the size of this speaker it fills any room I try it in with high quality sound. Has a good mix of bass and highs. And the build quality feels high end. On the top of the unit you will find three easy to use knobs Volume, Bass, Treble. Along with three buttons, The first one is a source to jump between Bluetooth/Auxiliary/Wi-Fi. Then you have a play/pause and lastly a mute button for the microphone. Alexa does have a small delay when interacting with her. And you can not use all of her features with this third party speaker. So I took one star for that. But as for the speaker it self I love the looks and sound.
  • Marshall Acton II w/Alexa ROCKS!

    Sun Mar 24 2019
    Marshall Acton II Voice Wireless Speaker with Amazon Alexa - it ROCKS! I am not an audiophile and I'm not going to list all of the specifications of this amazing speaker. I will just say this is so much more than I expected. I wasn't familiar with the Marshall name, but after seeing it, I certainly recognize the look of those classic guitar amps. Very classy looking speaker. And I must mention this is about 6" high and about 10" wide and weighs in at about 5lbs! This is a hefty speaker. This is not what I would call a portable speaker, however you can move this speaker from room to room if you wish, but it must be plugged in - it is wireless but it’s not cordless. Connection is simple: You can sync directly to your Bluetooth device (eg iPhone) to play your favorite playlist. You can also get the Marshall Voice app and via WiFi, play anything via your network. The app allows various levels of sound adjustment but you can also use the knobs on top to adjust the treble, bass and volume. This thing can blast out the tunes while keeping a fantastic sound. Living in an apartment, I am not able to push it to its limits (I'm a considerate neighbor) but I pushed it a lot, and the sound remained clear and crisp. I love the sound this puts out. The Alexa voice assistant is an added plus. Personally, I am a Google home person having 4 placed throughout my apartment. Having Alexa doesn't mess with Google because you have to address them by their name, so it's a handy additional information source for me and I always have questions and requests. They each have their own pros and cons. I can request music from Pandora or Spotify or Amazon Music. I've got it all. Above all, the sound of this Marshall speaker is not to be understated! A definite recommend!
  • Retro Look, Modern Electronics

    Fri Mar 22 2019
    I was attracted by the retro look of this speaker immediately. I like modern style, but this speaker brought something back with the grill on the front and the knobs on top. I know that this is made with Alexa and that I’ll almost never touch it, but the style and design and interaction that we used to get with our electronics drew me to this speaker. There is an equalizer in Marshall’s App, but I find that manually setting the bass and treble with the knobs on top give me the sound that I want more precisely. So it’s not just about look and feel. They’re useful. And the volume, of course, turning the knob rather than sliding across the screen on the phone gets me the volume that I want. Sliders in the apps can just be so touchy sometimes. The sound is great, which is of course the primary thing. It gets loud and could be used for many things. It plugs in, so it is portable to an extent as long as you have an available plug. Alexa is Alexa. I got this because it had Alexa. I don’t get speakers that don’t have an assistant inside them anymore, with my preferred being Alexa. I find Alexa to be much more accurate than Google in finding the music that I want, which is what I use this for mostly (sometimes weather). I would highly recommend this Marshall - Acton II Voice Wireless Speaker with Amazon Alexa.
  • Amazing Sound

    Fri Mar 22 2019
    I am the owner of many Bluetooth speakers and I also own an Amazon Echo Show which sounds pretty good by itself. When I received this speaker I noticed how well built and classy this speaker looked. The nice materials and the nice knobs just look very high quality. I downloaded the app and within minutes I was listening to music. My first impression was how well it filled the room. This speaker sounds 3x the size. Once I tweaked the sound using the app (can also be done on the unit) I was amazed the sound this thing produces. Trust me, if you want an indoor speaker / Alexa this is for you. Alexa picks up from 2 rooms away so the voice detection is also great. My only two little complaints are there is no power switch so you just have to unplug if you don’t want it on and it has to be plugged in meaning no battery in the unit. Overall, sound is incredible.
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