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Skagen – Smartwatch Falster 2 - 40mm – Plata

Skagen – Smartwatch Falster 2 - 40mm – Plata

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  • A horrible Purchase!

    Wed Jul 17 2019
    A stylish watch with awful battery life (less than 16 hours with limited use) and a sloppy processor. Beware! Buy a smart watch that is actually smart. Also, the stainless steel destroyed two dress shirts, extremely poor quality. I am very disappointed with this purchase and Skagen as a brand.
  • Nice smart watch

    Fri Jan 11 2019
    This is a stylish smart watch that works well with Google.
  • Beautiful watch

    Tue Nov 20 2018
    This has to be the best looking Wear OS watch out there, at least for smaller wrists. Thin, compact, and extremely well made. 4 instead of 5 stars because it lacks the newest processor.
  • Great Smartwatch that looks amazing on your wrist

    Thu Oct 18 2018
    Received this 3 days ago. Took some getting used to as I am coming from an Apple3 watch. Went to the dark side, Android and will never go back. I have an LGG7 and this watch works great. This watch is much easier to use and locate apps than the Apple Watch. The crown scrolls through your apps and there are two programmable buttons on either side. I put google pay on one and fit on the other. It’s has a heart rate monitor, gps, nfc and is not big and bulky like a lot of watches out there. The only thing missing is you can’t take phone calls on it. You can answer them but it goes to your phone. No speaker. But this is not a deal breaker. Most people I spoke to through my Apple Watch knew and hated it. Oh also swimproof. Battery lasts me through the day and is on par with other watches out there. But it has rapid charge and after only an hour your at 80%. I know there is a new Qualcomm chip out there but I didn’t want to wait. I am female but this watch is unisex. It’s perfect.
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