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  • Not worth the price

    Mon Jan 18 2021
    I am a huge razer fan. I have their mouse, keyboard, and their laptop so buying this headset was a no brainer for me. Boy was I wrong. The sound quality is good. It is really comfy and the noise canceling is awesome. But the mic it has is literally garbage. My friends voted it as the worst sounding mic hands down. I adjusted the settings and it didn’t get any better. If you have no intent on using the mic it’s a good headset but for the price there are definitely better options which is very disappointing.
  • Why

    Mon Jan 18 2021
    The vibrations just sound like a blown speaker right against your eardrum
  • Best headset ever

    Sun Jan 17 2021
    I bought this headset for my 11 year old son. They have amazing sound and I definitely don't have to worry about them breaking or falling apart for years. This is a great product for an amazing price.
  • Stay away from this product

    Sun Jan 17 2021
    If you are a PC and Playstation player I strongly caution you against buy this headset. I have been using these for a month and a half and am getting constant reconnections during PC gaming sessions (see attached screenshot from synapse). On PS5, my friends complain about a really bad echo on their end when I use the headset. I am now stuck with a useless $200 brick because I was one day over the Best Buy return period. To any potential buyers: save your money and look for other options if your primary use of the headset will be for playstation and PC
  • Great comfort and sound!

    Sun Jan 17 2021
    This headset is really comfortable and I can wear it fpr long amounts of time. The haptic feedback is also great. Escially when using it at full volume. The only reason for the four star instead of five is the battery life. It doestn't last very and takes about three hours to fully charge.
  • best headset

    Sun Jan 17 2021
    Love them no issues sound quality is top notch, not wireless for xbox but its ok, the wirse hooks it up fast and sound is amazing
  • Love these, not just a gimmick

    Sat Jan 16 2021
    These are light and sturdy. The build quality on them is great and the battery life is pretty nice. The life they display on the packaging is if you turn off all the bells and whistles. In order to charge the headset properly make sure you turn off the haptics BEFORE you turn off the headphones. It is a weird little problem but my headset wouldn't charge for a day or so and I couldn't figure out why. Some internet sleuthing eventually brought me to turn haptics off and they charge just fine after it. The default audio on everything is set to stereo and you have to change it manually to 3D if that's what you desire for every app. There is a button to set it to 3D automatically but that doesn't seem to always work. Overall these are great and the haptics really make a difference. It feels like there is more punchy bass than there really is and in FPS games the extra punch is really nice during gunfire. It does kill the batteries fairly quickly though.
  • Love it

    Sat Jan 16 2021
    Super fun to have, the RGB is a little dim. I have had to call support because the haptic feedback stolid working.
  • Another good Razer Product

    Sat Jan 16 2021
    Good sound and comfortable over long gaming sessions.
  • Great gaming headphones

    Sat Jan 16 2021
    Was purchased as a gift. Nephew loves these an uses it for PS4 daily.
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