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Hyper X Alloy Core RGB Teclado Gaming - Best Buy

Hyper X Alloy Core RGB Teclado Gaming - Best Buy

Modelo: HX-KB5ME2-LASKU: 1000216422

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  • HyperX continues to impress

    Wed Oct 21 2020
    Great keyboard at an amazing price! Best bang for your buck and all quality!
  • Excellent Buy

    Sat Oct 17 2020
    This is the keyboard I have been looking for. It’s not too expensive and it does not feel or look cheap. It’s right in the middle. The feel of it is great and the lights have a lot of ways to customize it.
  • Nice for the price

    Sat Oct 17 2020
    For the price the keyboard buttons work nice, not sure how it will hold up later on, would be nice if it had wrist pad.
  • Notice Me

    Fri Oct 16 2020
    this keyboard is great, I use it to surf furry forums and it types so fast. love it when it keeps up with me as I sweatily type a smart comeback. plus the LED are beautiful to look at when cuddling up with my body pillow. I've been told that the brightness of them reflects nicely on my neckbeard and add another level of grace to my good looks. in all love this. also really easy to clean from "sticky" messes. uWu
  • Number two

    Fri Oct 16 2020
    Some keys started to not work after just a few weeks. Had the keyboard replaced under protection plan. Hope this one doesnt give out like the last one.
  • This is my keyboard for life

    Fri Oct 16 2020
    Keyboard is excellent, works very fast and accurately, not too loud as well! I use it for gaming
  • Great price and Keyboard

    Fri Oct 16 2020
    Due to covid I had to start to work from home way more and needed a much quieter keyboard bs the Huntsman Razer. So far this keyboard has been great and it’s quiet. Does not have that same great click feeling but it’s quiet and my customers and colleagues are much happier:-)
  • Gaming keyboard at good price.

    Fri Oct 16 2020
    As a gamer you want a responsive keyboard with little to no sound when using. This keyboard does just that and at a very nice price. Plug and go with no other installations needed. The colors are nice as well. And if you are hesitant to buy because it has light up colors on the keys, you can easily turn it off via the button on the top left corner. Also, a bonus, it is spill resistance which is always a nice edition.

    Fri Oct 16 2020
  • light up keyboard

    Fri Oct 16 2020
    a light-up keyboard that I can use in the dark. very useful when gaming
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