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  • Great tool for running

    Wed Jan 30 2019
    I really enjoy this instrument. It helps me navigating my route and eliminating the need to carry a fit bit and a navigation system
  • Great for the monitoring and music combo

    Fri Jan 18 2019
    I love this watch. At times it can be finnicky but during workouts I have not had an issue. Music is great especially because they have a Spotify widget now(FINALLY). Links with the jbls contours really well vs other Bluetooth headphones (trust me , I know). Enjoy!
  • Great purchase

    Sat Dec 29 2018
    Looking for a replacement watch for running and very happy with this find.
  • Great running watch

    Sat Dec 29 2018
    This is a great running watch, but my son found that he wanted something that had more features he would use apart from running. Because he is an iphone person, he chose to return this for an Apple Watch 4.
  • Great all around running watch

    Fri Dec 28 2018
    Purchased this watch for my wife for Christmas. This was a replacement for a Nike watch and my wife could not be more pleased. This watch does it all, highly recommend.....
  • Light weight good for runner

    Wed Nov 28 2018
    I purchase this for my friend. And he loves it. It is pretty light and a good watch to track heart rate.
  • Unfortunate!

    Sun Oct 14 2018
    Have had this product for a number of months. LOVED it! Last product update and my wireless earphones no longer connect. There are only 6 approved pairs of headphones guaranteed to work. It is very disappointing that one of the key features of a product ( listening to music on a music player) isn't capable of handing any headphones out there. The other disappointment is there isn't any totally wireless options on this approved list either. The inability to connect and listen to music is just wrong.
  • Great Watch!

    Sun Oct 14 2018
    I just wore this watch while training for, and at a full marathon and the battery lasted great, the estimated finish time was very helpful, I love this watch!
  • Great watch

    Sun Oct 14 2018
    This is a great watch for running, which is exactly what I was looking for. I didn't want a super smart watch to make phone calls or text with. I wanted notifications and a great sports watch with awesome GPS ability and easy to read outdoors.
  • Perfect for my needs!

    Sat Sep 08 2018
    This fitness watch is perfect for everything I wanted to accomplish. I previously was using the Nike Run app and Apple Music on my phone during my runs, so it is awesome to be able to go for a run and leave my phone behind. I use Jaybird Bluetooth earbuds and really haven't noticed too much cutting out (it really just depends on how much your arm moves/swings with walking). I love the Garmin Connect app, as well!
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