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  • Love love love

    Wed Feb 19 2020
    I love this camera, Nikon did an amazing job for their first Mirrorless and I think it’s only gonna get better. If you’re on the fence between this or a Sony like I was, you won’t regret it, I think it feels so much better in the hand and it just feels well built.
  • Great Full frame mirrorless camera!

    Sun Feb 16 2020
    I upgraded from a Nikon D90. I was looking for a full frame camera in my price range that I can use for sports photography and general photos. I use a lot for indoor ice hockey and outdoor lacrosse. I have stuck with Nikon as they were always better for use in low lighting hockey arenas that are challenging to take pictures in. My pictures are much brighter once I learned the manual settings mode and learned the new functions that differed from the D90. The battery does not last longer than 1 game and recommend a backup battery. I take in raw and fine jpeg so can share photos immediately. It is nice to have blue -tooth capabilities to post online shots immediately on social media. I use with my older 70-300 mm f5.6 lens with the adapter and have had no problems. I would love to upgrade that lens in the future but will save for that next. I bought the Sony QXD card reader to quickly transfer photos from the camera to computer for editing which is much quicker than plugging camera into the computer.
  • Best Value Mirrorless Full Frame

    Sun Feb 16 2020
    I absolutely enjoy owning and using this camera; if you are a current Nikon user then you will appreciate the ergonomics of this camera. Picture quality is great, no matter if you use native lenses or F-mount via the FTZ adapter. The video capabilities are a huge selling point for me; 4K (6K res down) and slow motion look great! Great buy!
  • huge advancement

    Sat Jan 25 2020
    moving from d7000 to the Z6 a huge step up in quality. works flawlessly with my DX glass. only downside is the cost of full frame glass
  • Feel great in the hand and beast of a camera

    Thu Jan 16 2020
    Easy to use, nice build and good weight in the hands, If you don't have Z glass you can use the FTZ adapter for the older F mount glasses which work fantastically, The eye tracking can be hit or miss though, other than that its really good just didn't cut it for me
  • Great camera

    Sat Jan 04 2020
    I had two Nikon D750 I traded one in to get the Z6 Best decision I made Can’t wait to get another one
  • Great Product

    Fri Jan 03 2020
    The best camera I have ever had. Video quality is great and the best graphics I have ever had 4K is here
  • Nikon Z6

    Tue Dec 31 2019
    Upgraded from a Nikon D800. This is a great mirrorless camera. It has a few quirks that I'm still getting used to but that goes with any new camera you get. So far I'm loving the picture quality this camera produces. I will probably get another Z6 as a second camera for my photoshoots.
  • Great

    Fri Dec 27 2019
    Nice camera with a price to match, it works very well
  • New technology in the works

    Sat Dec 21 2019
    To be honest I’m still learning this camera I have been a DSLR user for over 10 years but I feel there’s new things to learn in this mirrorless. But so far so good, sharp photos
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